Top 10 Best 56 Degree Wedges In 2023

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Top 10 Best 56 Degree Wedges In 2023

As a golf player, it does not matter if you are an elite professional golfer or a complete amateur player on the golf course; you should have a best 56 degree wedges. No doubt, this is one of the most important decisions you can make, as it will greatly impact the way you perform overall.

When you have the best 56 degree wedges in your hand, you feel like it is a part of your hand and be able to bring out your best skills with ease.

There is no better club to use when dealing with rough bunkers than the 56 degree Wedge when the golfer is stranded in a rough area. There simply is no way a golfer will be able to make their best score without having a sand wedge in their bag, so it is important.

Best 56 Degree Wedges

As a result of so many choices in the market and so many new models appearing constantly, it might feel confusing to select the right one for your needs, especially if you do not know where to start. Also, check out our ultimate buying guide to the best sand wedges for mid and high handicappers.

If you are looking to purchase a golf wedge, there are many things you should consider. These include technical specifics, type, shot style, loft size, etc. However, there is no need to worry about it. You will be able to figure out what are the best 56 degree wedges for you with my help.

What Is A 56 Degree Wedge and Why Is It Used?

56 degree wedges are used as sand wedge because it is commonly used to kick the ball out of hard sand off of the course. On the golf course, it has a high amount of bounce and can be used to get out of a lot of difficult situations that golfers may experience.

A sand wedge is an essential part of every golfer’s golf bag in order to be able to handle this situation.

The majority of amateur golfers hit their sand wedges from about 60 yards onwards, and intermediate golfers hit their sand wedges from about 80 to 90 yards onwards.

To conclude, pro golfers use their sand wedges between 110 and 120 yards when hitting shots.

Golfers usually carry the heaviest club in their golf bag when it comes to their bag of clubs, the sand wedge. Golf club heads with extra weight are less likely to dig into the sand. As a result, chunk shots out of bunkers that have to be hit from the top with the help of best sand wedges for bunkers, are no longer required.

Top 10 Best 56 Degree Sand Wedges In 2023

In order to come up with this list, we have undertaken a lengthy process of testing and reviewing a number of sand wedges that are available in the market today. Here are some 56 degree wedges we have selected to ensure that they are applicable to a wide range of players no matter what brand, design, or feature they have.

1. Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

cleveland sand wedges


  • It is the best Choice for Beginners and Semi-Pros.
  • Versatile for all Handicappers.
  • Various loft angles are available.


  • The price is higher than before.

Key Features:

The Cleveland Golf CBX 2 wedge is one of the best 56 degree wedges that gives better support to mid- and high-handicappers, although you can also rely on it if you are a low handicapper. Compared to the original CBX, the CBX 2 is the upgraded edition of the original CBX.

In sand bunkers, it is best to use this club if you are hitting short shots. With its Multi-Dynamic Sole design, a golfer will be able to keep contact with the turf better due to the three distinct grinds of the sole.

The CBX 2 has an extremely forgiving design that comes with a hollow cavity designed at the back that is meant to suit a mid-handicapper or a high-handicapper. In terms of forgiveness at impact, the hollow cavity provides a greater amount of freedom, which makes it the best 56 degree wedge.

2. Cobra Golf King Mim Wedge

cobra king wedges
  • The Wedge provides a feel while delivering graceful shots.
  • Precision CNC milling is applied to the clubface and grooves.
  • Powdered 304 stainless steel is used in MIM.
  • Control and spin are boosted by roughness.


  • Wedge finishes are limited.

Key Features:

The Cobra Golf King Wedge makes the biggest impact out of the green! The new manufacturing process that Cobra has implemented has resulted in a consistent product across a wide range of models.

The new Cobra technique gives a more natural feel to the greenside shots and makes the grooves perform better on short shots as well, which makes it the best 56 degree wedges. A 10-degree bounce is available, as well as different lofts and hand orientations in addition to other lofts.

Despite its popularity among golfers, the Cobra King MIM Wedge has been the best 56 degree wedge and a preferred club of professionals for years to hit delicate shots with.

As a right-handed wedge club, this 56-degree Wedge features a wide-low grind flex and a steel shaft with a wide-low grind flex.

3. Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge

mizuno 56 degree wedge


  • In moist environments, the wedge is ideal.
  • Perfect for average golfers.
  • High-leading edge 10-degree bounce.
  • In satin chrome or blue ion finish.


  • A bit pricey.
  • May faint in harsh conditions.

Key Features:

With 56 degrees of loft and a bounce angle of 10 degrees, the Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge can transform your short game, greatly improving your accuracy and control.

Among many golfers who are seeking a stable grip but a soft feel, this Wedge is their favorite and one of the best 56 degree wedges.

The micro-grooves that are part of the hydro-efficient design deflect water from the clubface, keeping it dry as a result. In order to increase stability from off-center hits, the blade blades of the club have an extremely functional curve that makes them highly functional.

The grain-forged design in this 56 degree Wedge maximizes the feeling even in the most challenging greens, as it maximizes a good grip.

A wedge with engraved micro-grooves is one that can provide you with maximum spin, so you can enjoy having one, which makes it one of the best 56 degree wedges.

4. Cleveland Golf 2018 CBX Wedge

cleveland 56 degree wedge


  • An Ideal Design for High and Low Handicappers.
  • Cavity back design redistributes weight.
  • Exceptional playability and versatility.
  • The Feel Balancing Technology improves distance control.


  • Heavy to handle.
  • It is expensive.

Key Features:

Cleveland Golf CBX Wedge features a wide double V-Sole and a steel shaft, making it one of the most forgiving and the best 56 degree wedges on the market.

With a 50-degree loft, the club has a number of impressive features that are sure to make it stand out in the field.

In terms of versatility, this Wedge is crucial for your short game as it offers you the ability to move from thin lines to thick lines quickly and easily. The cavity-backed construction gives you more stability to impact, unlike any other wedge.

The forgiving cavity-back design distributes weight evenly throughout the outer edge and sole of the shoe, resulting in optimal comfort.

A forgiving cavity in the Wedge allows it to glide smoothly through the turf, no matter what type of ground it is on and is one of the best 56 degree wedges.

The Wedge will provide maximum spin and control when you hit the ball off-center.

5. TaylorMade Golf MG2 Wedge

taylormade 56 degree wedge


  • More greenside spins with deep grooves.
  • Maintains tolerance level with machined grind sole.
  • The cavity-back design minimizes vibration with a solid feel.


  • Weighs more than other wedges.
  • Limited color finishes.

Key Features:

When you are playing bunker shots, the TaylorMade Golf MG2 wedge will make your life much easier. As a result, the MG2 Wedge has a higher angle bounce at 14 degrees than other premium wedges, which makes it slightly heavier than other premium wedges like TaylorMade 60 degree wedges.

The TaylorMade MG2 Wedge is available in a 50-60-degree loft with a bounce of 8 to 14 degrees, and it is offered in a 50-60-degree loft, thus it is among the best 56 degree wedges. It is available in two orientations, right-hand and left-hand, and it comes with a classic chrome design, a steel shaft, and a steel handle.

As a result of the Raw Face Technology that TaylorMade incorporated, it maximizes spin for the golfer. The price is also likely to catch your attention, but you won’t have to wonder why the price is so high.

The center back of this Wedge has a TPU insert which is designed to absorb shock and make it a comfortable golf club for you to use, which makes it the best 56 degree wedges.

6. Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge

Vokey sm7


  • 56 degrees, with various lofts.
  • Spin-milled design.
  • Several finishes are available.
  • For those with low to mid handicaps.


  • Less Forgiving.

Key Features:

This Titleist 56 degree wedge offers a variety of bounce angles and grinds options, and a large variety of golfers can use it. The Vokey wedge is widely considered to be an expert club, and there are many mid to high-handicap golfers with this Wedge in their golf bags, mostly Vokey 60 degree wedges.

SM7 Vokey 56 degree wedges have very modern and up-to-date and one of the best 56 degree Vokey wedges that use very advanced technology. A unique spin milling design allows players to get a great deal of turn around the greens with its unique spin milling features.

It is the Titleist vokey 56 degree wedge that you need if you would like to have a great spin on your best golf ball for bunkers, as well as a great feel on your golf club.

The Titleist sand wedge 56 is available in several types of lofts, but you won’t have trouble finding it in a 56-degree variation since it is available in a wide range of lofts, which makes it among the best 56 degree wedges.

The center of gravity in these wedges changes depending on the grind and loft options.

A Titleist vokey wedge 56 degree will leave a lasting impression on you if it is missed. In any case, you will be rewarded if you hit the Wedge correctly if you hit it correctly.

7. Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge

cleveland 56 wedge


  • Comes with a demanding feel around the greens.
  • UltraDurable finish that lasts a long time.
  • Design with a muscle back.
  • Tour-Zip Grooves.


  • No grind options are available.
  • A new release is priced higher.

Key Features:

There is a range of color options available for the RTX, and it comes with an ultra-durable, long-lasting finish. If you are going to be outside on those sunny summer days, a black shade will look best as it will reduce glare.

RTX makes one of the best 56 degree wedges that come with the same Tour Zip Grooves that we’ve come to expect from Cleveland Golf. As you can see, these groves generate a great deal of spin and are very powerful.

With a muscle-back design, the RTX has a very comfortable feel. Golfers with a lower and mid-handicap will find this design to be helpful and among the best 56 degree wedges, as it will help appeal to them.

A 56 degree wedge like this one from RTX is sufficiently forgiving to be used by golfers with high handicaps too.

RTX wedge 56 is available in low bounce, mid bounce, full bounce, and x low bounce and is the best 56 degree wedge. To get the most versatility out of your 56-degree Wedge, we recommend choosing the mid option.

8. Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

callaway mack daddy


  • A groove-in-groove design.
  • Feels and looks great.
  • Various loft combinations are available.


  • More expensive per Wedge.
  • Not a suitable sand wedge for low handicappers.

Key Features:

There have been many Callaway 56 golf clubs designed over the years, but none have maintained the same reputation as the Mack Daddy wedges.

There is no doubt that the brand-new Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge stands out as the best 56 golf wedge available today.

There is no need to worry about playing conditions when you use the Mack Daddy CB Wedge due to its versatility and flexibility when it comes to playing on your favorite course.

The CB Wedge will keep you in contact with the ball, regardless of whether you are playing from the rough or from the rough side of the fairway.

The sole grinds of the shoe are also available in different sizes and shapes to allow you to select the one that most suits you closely and matches your typical playing conditions.

This 56 degree wedge is made from soft carbon steel, which gives it a great feel because of the way it is manufactured.

In addition, there is a distinct difference in the center of gravity of the new model that allows players to interact with the turf with a greater degree of clarity.

9. Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

cleveland zipcore


  • Superior spin.
  • Exceptional playability.
  • High level of versatility.


  • A conventional and classic look.

Key Features:

A well-balanced wedge with excellent performance and reliability on a variety of lies and conditions, the Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge is a well-balanced wedge with exceptional performance and reliability.

The new cleveland 56 wedge, which gives the user the ability to move the center of gravity, has been credited for enabling the goal to be achieved, which has been highly praised by many.

In order to provide the player with the best spin possible, Ultizip grooves of the Cleveland 56 wedge have been designed to be wide and sharp so that the grooves can be used both for partial shots and for shots around the green.

Cleveland’s heat-treatment process ensures that the heads have increased durability, so you do not have to replace them as often as you did before because of Cleveland’s heat-treatment process.

10. Taylormade MG3 Sand Wedge

TaylorMade mg3


  • No Flaws.
  • Outstanding spin & control on partial shots.
  • Great looks and design.


  • A bit pricey compared to others.
  • Some may not like a solid feel.

Key Features:

It is accepted by buyers that Taylormade MG3 wedges are of the highest quality. For TaylorMade, the story begins with its exclusive RAW Face technology.

The new addition of the TaylorMade 56 degree wedge comes with raised micro ribs. The MG3 design has been made and billed as grooves between grooves.

Micro ribs are designed to boost the spin on those small touch shots around the green at the exact moment when you need it most.

TaylorMade claims that the grooves can increase the spin of a golf ball by as much as 200 rpms at 40 yards and in, according to their website.

As a result of the raw face technology, broader grooves, and laser etching between the grooves of this 56 degree sand wedge, you will be able to achieve more spin throughout the whole course. 

In order to improve the feeling of the phone, TPU inserts are placed behind the face in order to dampen vibrations. It has also been optimized for better performance green side and on partial as well as full shots because of its optimized center of gravity.

In order to achieve the best performance possible from any lie, the sole grind is milled, and customers exclaim about how versatile and responsive the MG3 is in any situation.

FAQS: 56 Degree Wedges

What Is A 56 Degree Wedge?

A 56 degree wedge is a type of golf club with a loft angle of 56 degrees. It is commonly used for approach shots, chip shots, and bunker shots. The Titleist 56 degree wedge is a popular choice among golfers, known for its high quality and performance.

Is A 56 Degree Wedge A Sand Wedge?

A 56 degree wedge can be used as a sand wedge depending on the individual golfer’s preference and the specific shot they are trying to execute. The loft of a 56 degree wedge makes it a versatile club that can be used for a variety of shots, including those out of the sand.

How Far Should A Man Hit a 56 Degree Wedge?

The distance a man can hit a 56 sand wedge varies based on a number of factors such as the golfer’s skill level, swing speed, and course conditions. However, on average, a man can hit a 56 degree wedge between 80-100 yards.

Best 56 Degree Golf Clubs In A Nutshell

56 degree wedge

So above was a buying guide on the best 56 degree club to choose from for your diverse golf gameplay. Consider the following factors when choosing 56 degree wedges: material, grind, loft, bounce, and shaft. There are three types of material to choose from steel, titanium, and stainless steel graphite.

It is important to understand that the grind of best-spinning wedges determines how the club interacts with the ground. It is important to note that a higher loft provides more lift, while a higher bounce helps prevent digging.

You should make sure that the shaft length and the flex of the shaft match those of your other clubs. It is a good idea to try out wedges at a golf store to determine which feel comfortable and perform well for you. In making a decision, do not forget to take into consideration your own personal style, skill level, and the conditions of the course.

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