Top 10 Best Sand Wedge For Mid Handicappers 2023

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Top 10 Best Sand Wedge For Mid Handicappers 2023

If you are looking for sand wedges as an intermediate player, there are many brands and dozens of models for the best sand wedge for mid handicappers within each brand, so you will make some tough decisions. You can easily waste money by trying out dozens of sand wedges.

We have researched on what wedges should mid handicapper carry and played-tested the best sand wedge for mid handicappers, so you can find the golf wedges that are perfect for your game, no matter what type of game you have. These wedges offer an incredible mix of control and versatility.

Best Sand Wedge For Mid Handicappers 2023

Besides spin, speed, comfort, performance, playability, and technical specifications, there are other important features we have taken into consideration when picking these sand wedges.

Getting better at your short game is the quickest way to score higher on the course, and the first step to that success is knowing what wedges should a mid handicapper carry and choosing the best golf wedges for mid-handicappers.

In order to improve your scores over the course of time, the best way to do so is to gain proficiency in using wedges, by knowing what wedges a should mid handicapper carry and to gain confidence in them as you do so.

If you conduct a quick search on Google for the best wedge for mid handicappers, you will encounter hundreds of search results showing up with the best wedges for mid to high handicappers.

Among the most significant benefits of the dynamic market is, of course, the possibility of selecting a wedge that is ideally suited to your game and a wedge that fits your budget.

Throughout this article, we will explain what you need to know when choosing a sand wedge that fits your game. Also, check out the ultimate guide for buying best wedges for high handicappers. Following this, you’ll be able to see which wedges are the top 10 on the market today for intermediate-level golfers!

Top 10 Sand Wedges For Mid Handicappers In 2023

In terms of quality, they are considered some of the best golf wedges for mid handicappers, and new wedges 2023 are available on the market today. There have been numerous reviews from many golfers in regard to their experiences with these sand wedges and how they have helped them improve their skills on the court as a result of using them.

1. TITLEIST VOKEY SM9 – Best Wedge For Mid Handicappers

Titleist wedges


  • Ultimate Shot Versatility
  • Progressive Center of Gravity
  • Precise Distance & Trajectory Control
  • High-Performance Technology with Creative Control.


  • The cost is high
  • Low-spin players will find it ineffective.


The TITLEIST VOKEY SM9 are the best Vokey wedges available in a variety of grind options to suit almost every player’s needs.


As a combination of a heel, Toe, and trailing edge grind, the D grind offers versatility and forgiveness thanks to its high-measured bounce.

With its steeper angle of attack, the D Grind is an effective wedge for players who play shots from a range of variety of clubface positions. Designed for players who attack from a steeper angle.


In terms of bounce, the K Grind wedge is the loftiest bounce wedge in the lineup and is the ideal bunker club and the best sand wedge for mid handicappers on the market.

The K Grind wedge is the widest wedge in the K Grind series, with an enhanced camber that makes it a forgiving sand wedge in softer sand and turf conditions. Players who are looking for a high bounce with a lot of forgiveness should consider this product.


Among the options in the mix, the L Grind has the lowest bounce. The heel, Toe, and trailing edge relief allows the golfer to take advantage of maximum versatility when playing greenside.

The design of this golf club makes it the best wedge for mid handicapper and ideally suited for firm conditions and for precision players who possess complete control over impact, allowing them perfect shot-making versatility in all conditions.

This is considered to be the best wedge for mid handicapper who want a minimum bounce and great versatility.


The narrowest sole in the SM9 lineup, the T Grind is a wedge with a low bounce option with maximum Toe, heel, and trailing edge relief, allowing for the ultimate greenside versatility.

For precise players looking for enhanced and steeper versatility.


An F grind is an all-purpose grind that is especially suitable for shots that are hit with a square face and full shots. There is no doubt that the F grind is one of the most popular sand wedges on the Tour.

If you prefer to play with a traditional wedge sole, this is the perfect product for you.


It is Vokey’s favorite face grind of the best wedge for mid handicappers, and as a result, it has been designed for players who like to rotate the face of the clubs open and closed in order to produce shots around the green.

It is especially helpful for players who have a shallower swing type, sweeping strokes, and who play shots from various positions on the clubface.

Designed for players who play with shallower swings and modified clubs.


It has a faster feel through the turf thanks to this grind option. Those who like to control the loft with their hands ahead of or behind the ball are most likely to use this grind, which is best for neutral to firm conditions.

It is among the best wedges for mid to high handicappers who like to use a simple technique with square-faced shots

2. CLEVELAND CBX ZIPCORE – Best Wedges For Mid To High Handicap

cleveland zipcore


  • Feels great on all shots
  • The spins are plentiful
  • Very forgiving


  • Bad impression due to wide sole.
  • Short shots sound clicky.


There are three grind options available in CBX ZipCore, namely V, S, and C grind, as well as loft options varying between 44° and 60° making it the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

Due to the Ulti-zip grooves on its perimeter, this club offers a lot of spins with a great deal of versatility while also being an excellent all-rounder that can be used by players of different levels.

Despite its attractive appearance, it is extremely forgiving and easy to play, especially for all handicappers, and the spin is excellent.

It is among the best sand wedges for mid handicappers with different skill levels. Good for players who don’t want to dig in and hit chunky shots.

It’s a cavity back wedge with a classic diamond shape and a chrome finish that’s going to evoke plenty of confidence and appeal in players, which reflects in the way they play.

Its all-black Turbo Spinner graphite shaft with a unique design you’ve never seen before thus making it the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

Due to its low-density zip core at its center, the wedge has a great deal of forgiveness compared to other wedges due to its capability to adjust the center of gravity and moment of inertia, resulting in better control at impact.

The overall balance of these popular wedges is so excellent that it assists you in optimizing your performance for extended-range shots and long-range strikes.

This makes it the best sand wedge for mid handicappers on the market today. You will be able to take great swinging shots with it due to its impressive balance and lightweight design.

These best wedges high handicapper clubs have a wide sole that has a thin finish, and it has a twelve-degree bounce angle that facilitates a low chipping shot across the fairways when the ball is hitting the fairway.

A player can quickly get into a rhythm with the ball as this wedge turns narrower and looks beautiful behind it.

3. CALLAWAY JAWS MACK DADDY 5 – Best Wedges For 10 Handicap

Callaway jaws


  • Good at longer pitches and full shots.
  • Provides exceptional spins.
  • Comes in attractive finishes.


  • Inefficient in terms of cost.


Now featuring a new design that is the best sand wedge for mid handicappers and comes in nine different loft options from 46 – 64 different lofts, five different sole grinds, and two different finishes, which are Chrome and Tour Grey, this wedge speaks volumes for the features that it brings to the table.

With its mild carbon steel heads and traditional shape, the Callaway Mack Daddy looks beautiful in both finishes and features a pretty smooth swing on shots of all lengths and spins, which it delivers in abundance thanks to the new Jaws grooves and gorgeous silver finish that suits so well, making it the best wedge for mid handicapper.

A 37° angle is added to these new jaw grooves to provide them with a much more precise grip and spin for enhanced performance at all angles of the lie, as well as the three micro-ridges that are incorporated into the grooves make the ball more likely to spin and perform more efficiently with the presence of more contact points between the grooves.

It has a new and improved low-bounce version of the W-Grind on the soles, along with improved sole and heel relief in higher lofts, which make it one of the best sole grinds out there today and the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

With the C-Grind, you can easily manipulate the face and play different shots from different lies due to sufficient heel and toe relief.

A W-Grind has a higher bounce rate making it the best sand wedge for mid handicappers, whereas the new low bounce array is better suited for those players with shallower swings or who play links golf a lot.


cleveland rtx


  • Excellent feel.
  • Excellent Center of Gravity.
  • Better grooves.
  • Reliable results.


  • Average in appearance.
  • Expensive.
  • Traditional design.


Designed to be perfectly easy to use, the RTX ZipCore is the best sand wedge for mid handicappers and gives golfers incredible flexibility with the ability to control their performance, while the sole grinds provide golfers with the versatility to ensure their plays on the fairway are as comfortable as possible.

With the help of the center of gravity being adjusted, you will get the most comfortable and stable feeling ever, with a strong back design that provides the best comfort.

There are two extra grooves on the face which enhance the player’s confidence and stability as it progresses from an iron shape in the lower to a more rounded shape at higher lofts, and that is complemented by two additional grooves on the face.

Some might want to see a straight leading edge, but the area is raised at the top of the wedge, so it displays a thin topline that better players will enjoy.

The wedge’s trailing edge allows the player to manipulate the face in order to produce different flights while at the same time keeping the leading edge down while still maintaining the bounce necessary to keep from digging excessively into the ground.

It is tested by expert golfers from a variety of distances and shots, and the RTX ZipCore paired with Dynamic Golf Tour Spinner shaft came out to be one of the highest-spinning wedges and the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

Full shots didn’t balloon through the air in spite of the high spin levels, and distance control is very consistent and effective for beginners.

Among the ways they grip the greens is with half shots, flop shots, touch shots, and escape shots since they have been designed in such a way that they can add spin to the shot from any lie around the green.


TaylorMade hi toe


  • RAW Face Milled Grind Sole.
  • Raised Micro-Ribs Full Face Scoring Lines.
  • Spin on Off-Center Hits.
  • Multiple Finish Options.
  • Launch Low-to-Mid


  • Some may not like the look and shape.


Taylormade’s wedge comes with a peculiar style, oddly designed and non-traditional in the purest sense, providing players with a pleasant aesthetic experience, and none can argue about its performance thus, it is the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

There are a variety of shots that can be hit with it, such as full-swing high shots, little low shots, and Bunker shots within reach. Its excellent performance is also confirmed by golf experts.

In comparison to a traditional wedge, this wedge’s toe area is higher than the face area, which results in a larger face and an increase in surface area which makes it the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

Any manipulation of the center of gravity can affect the performance of the wedge, as the shape of the wedge significantly increases the center of gravity compared to traditional wedge shapes like the MG3.


mizuno t22


  • Precise Grooves That Last Longer.
  • Spin Weighted Blade Design.
  • A Microlayer of Copper beneath.
  • Modified Teardrop.


  • Some may find it too expensive.


The Mizuno Wedge golf wedge is unlike most high handicap wedges available in four finishes and four sole grinds, with the relief increasing as the lofts increase, and is manufactured with a grain-flow forging process that produces a high level of heel and toe relief, which makes it the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

In addition to the soft feel copper underlay, the club features four distinct finishes, including Denim Copper, Satin, Chromeraw, and Blue IP Plating, all of which provide golfers with a stunning appearance and feel.

Additionally, it is possible to choose between 4 levels of sole grind: S-Grind, C-Grind, D-Grind, and X-Grind. To bring out the true game, the X grind has extreme relief on the heel, Toe, and leading edge.

Underneath the Satin Chrome Wedge, there is a Denim Copper plating that makes the wedge feel even more comfortable.

With the upper portion of the club head being curved, it is designed to produce a high spin and an accurate flight that provides control when hitting shots into the greens.

When it comes to touch and feel around the green, the Mizuno wedge is unmatched and is among the best wedges for mid handicappers.


taylormade milled grind






This new wedge features RAW Face Micro-Ribs, which have been engineered to deliver additional grip on partial shots, and an improved spin around the greens compared to others makes it one of the best wedges for 18 handicapper and the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

Expert golfers around the world prefer RAW wedges for a reason, and that is because they offer the best performance.

The rusty material will preserve a constant spin over time while also allowing the unplated material to perform better in wet conditions, and the RAW Face Technology is designed to keep only the face of the head rusting while the rest of the head retains its premium finish.

Introducing the all-new Raised Micro-Ribs that provide increased precision while golfing around the green on those tricky shots, which makes it the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

In more delicate shots, the club face interacts more effectively with the ball when it has a more coarse and textured surface area.

As a result of this grinding method, the best wedges for mid handicappers maintain an extremely high level of accuracy that is simply not possible for a human to match, ensuring optimal turf interaction and consistent performance on every wedge.


wilson staff model


  • Stunning design and shape.
  • Improves contact friction.
  • Produces a greater spin.


  • Some players find the head too large.
  • The color options are limited.


Wilson model is one of the best wedges for mid handicappers that provide you with confidence in your short-game as well as long-term performance.

There are a number of features in a wedge that pro players look for in a wedge, including the soft-forged carbon steel head and precision-milled face, that contribute to its performance, making it the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

A number of world-class players have been involved in the design and performance of the Staff Model wedges, and their direct feedback has influenced the design and performance of the wedges.

For players of all levels, the end result of their short game is to feel confident in their ability to play it when using this wedge.

I love the fact that the 8620 carbon-steel clubhead has a soft feel and a lot of grip around the greens. The highlight of its milled face is the precisely machined scorelines that run across it, which makes it the best sand wedge for mid handicappers to date.

It features a pattern of closely spaced grooves to allow the ball to catch more groove edges at impact to add an extra spin to the ball, as well as a higher-density pattern to ensure the ball makes more consistent contact with the surface at impact, especially when there is less debris to channel through the grooves on half shots where there is less debris to channel through.

It has a unique sole design that allows golfers to open the face more easily, and it makes it a good choice for tight lies or firm conditions due to its ease of opening the face.

As a result, it is the best sand wedge for mid handicappers with every shot made with maximum spin and control.


Callaway jaws




  • Acquires ball marks and scratches.


With the Jaws Full Toe wedge, you will have fantastic control over all variations of wedge shots, such as chips, pitches, flops, bunker shots, and full shots into the green.

Featuring a raw face, full-face grooves, and groove-in-groove technology, this best wedge for mid handicapper is an absolute spin machine.

In order to bring out your full imagination on any shot you take, the full-toe shape and a specialized C-Grind are the perfect combinations.

These full toe best golf wedges for mid handicappers combine JAWS grooves that run the full face of the wedge, offset grooves in grooves for added control, and an all-new raw face designed to give players the spin and control they need to pull off every shot around the greens.

Full Toe shapes provide a larger face area and have a higher toe height with a larger toe area. Using the C-Grind, along with the shaping of the green, will make it easier to hit short shots around the green, especially bunker shots and high-flop shots around the green.

Also, this is designed to be the best wedge for mid handicappers and maximizes the interaction between the turf and the wedge to perform mid and full-wedge shots.

As a result of the Full Toe, the Centre of Gravity is pushed higher, which creates a lower, more controlled trajectory, resulting in better control.

This shoe has a variable weight port system that enables the shoe’s Center of Gravity to be located away from the heel to enhance the feel of the shoe.

You can choose from three different finishes, RAW FACE CHROME, RAW BLACK PLASMA, or SATIN CHROME, as well as multiple grind options, such as S, X, W, Z, C Grind, and Full Grind.


cobra king wedge




  • A shiny finish won’t appeal to some.
  • Limited grind options.


SNAKEBITE grooves feature a unique technology that allows them to be cut with fewer tools over an extended period of time.

This allows tighter groove tolerances while maximizing groove volume and ensuring the sharpest and most accurate groove, which makes it the best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

As a result of the new design, the grooves are 10% deeper, and the groove edges are 40% sharper, so the ball will exhibit maximum spin when it hits the ground.

SNAKEBITE grooves have been engineered into the wedge, in both traditional and full-face groove lengths, to maximize spin and, as a result, produce more ‘bite’ around the greens when used in combination with traditional grooves that are narrower and deeper in order to maximize spin on lower lofted wedges that are used with square or delofted faces to produce more spin.

There is a difference between deeper and shallower full-face grooves that extend to the toe area of the club, giving the ball a higher probability of making contact with it when there is an open face. It is the overall best sand wedge for mid handicappers.

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