Mizuno MpT5 Wedge Review 2023: Honest Opinion

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Mizuno MpT5 Wedge Review 2023: Honest Opinion

mizuno mpt5 wedge review

The Mizuno MPT5 wedge maintains a slightly heavier feel than the previous Mizuno wedges set with gives better stability to golfers on their shots and also makes them familiar to Mizuno MP irons.

In addition to being easy to clean, it features a satin chrome finish that is easy to maintain.

There can be no question it is one of the best out there and Mizuno’s cult has not gone away, it has the smoothest face and the fullest feel, even on partial shots.

As far as wedge performance is concerned, the new MP-T5 is as good as it gets.



  • 25 Loft/Bounce Options. 
  • Tour Inspired sole grinds.
  • White Satin and Black Ion Finishes.
  • Control, feel, and spin all in one package.


  • On full swings, higher lofts are too short.
  • Gap wedges are not good for fuller shots.

Key Features

  • The MP-T5 maintains Mizuno’s signature feel with model-like looks, a variety of surfaces, versatility, and forgiveness. 
  • Mizuno MPT5 wedges like these could be useful for players with a wide range of styles and abilities.
  • The Mizuno MPT5 wedge closely resembles the previous Mizuno mpt4 wedge in its look.
  • It has the loft badge moved to the toe rather than in the middle of the groove. 


The shape can be essentially the same but the grooves and the playability of the wedges have improved a great deal.

golf wedge sets


The quad-cut grooves on lower lofted wedges starting from 52 degrees are narrower and deeper whereas the wedges with 54 to 62 degrees of the loft have wider and shallower grooves. 

These grooves are designed to provide high levels of spins on all kinds of shots. You will be clearly able to see the difference in spins of Mizuno MPT5 wedge specs from the previous Mizuno mp wedges when either playing full or chip shots.

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According to the Mizuno MPT5 wedge review, it comes in a variety of lofts from 49 to 62 degrees, with an increase of one degree of loft in every wedge.

Most of the players go with lower-lofted Mizuno mp wedges because of the ease they experience when playing.

wedge sole

You also get two different sole grind options in Mizuno custom wedges after 54-degree loft with different bounce options.

Finish & Looks

The Mizuno MPT5 wedges come in two finish options. White satin and black nickel both of which are plated in such a way as to present the grooves more beautifully on the wedge.

With Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forged heads, you will enjoy the feeling of pure feeling along with the spin control that is only possible due to loft-specific Quad Cut Grooves.

mizuno mpt5 wedge review

A Mizuno golf club is designed to grab softer, partial strikes with its Quad Cut Groove concept by using a wider, shallower groove from 54 to 62 degrees of loft and a narrower, deeper groove from 49 to 53 degrees of loft to achieve more frequent full swings.

Shape & Design

Using the large, oval face of the wedge which is so easy to lay open, almost every loft can execute high, floaty pitches with exceptional versatility. It can be used for every shot from massive flops to low, smooth approaches.

The teardrop shape of the design sits level with the golf balls and is flush with the ball, plus the large face makes for a very natural and comfortable setup.

wedge shaft

In particular, Mizuno MPT5 wedges provide the players with the strong feel and precision that they are looking for around the greens due to Mizuno’s renowned Grain Flow Forging process.

With its refined teardrop profile, derived from Luke Donald’s tour grind for short-game magic, the ball can easily be mastered in a variety of setups and positions.


The sole grinds are also different and much improved with the trailing edge of the wedge made so sharp with the heel and toe grinds of the Mizuno mp wedges increasing its versatility.

These sole and toe grinds come in use when playing different types of shots with these wedges.

The Mizuno MPT5 wedge is definitely improved from the previous MPT4 wedge with the improvement of grinds on the sole to soften the angle on the sole to give it an edge.

Lofts & Playabillity

The loft and bounce combinations have also been increased to 25, with five different sole grinds. Even the most discerning wedge players will find this to be useful.

mizuno pitching wedge

Impressive consistency and the relative size of the hitting area combined with a weighted sole help from full swings to short swings. 

They also provide functional spins that are easy to alter to fit the shot you want.

While maintaining exemplary balance, the heavy head has a fairly light touch to it.

You can give these Mizuno new wedges a try if you want your short game to be heavy

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