Mizuno T7 Wedge Review – An Honest Review 2023

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Mizuno T7 Wedge Review – An Honest Review 2023

mizuno t7 wedge

The Mizuno T7 Wedge is the perfect addition to any golfer’s bag, offering precision and control for your short game. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Mizuno T7 Wedge and why it’s worth adding to your collection.

If you’re looking for the best Mizuno wedges to improve your game then look no further than this Mizuno T7 wedge. Featuring with excellent finishes, a variety of lofts, and bounces at a very low cost in Mizuno T7 wedges as compared to others.

mizuno t7 wedge


  • Comes in White satin & Blue IP finishes.
  • Boron infused high carbon steel construction.
  • Wide Variety of lofts from 46-52 degrees
  • Grooves & performance are retained for a long time.


  • Confusing loft options.
  • Less prominent sole grinds.
  • The blue IP finish can fade away.

Key Features

  • The best Mizuno wedges with long-lasting. control of shots.
  • It has an exceptional sense of touch and is extremely spinnable.
  • It has outstanding looks in every finish chosen out of the Mizuno wedge set.
  • Every degree of loft difference promotes precise wedge gapping.

First Look: Mizuno T7 Wedges

white golf ball

For me, it was a great experience with T7’s best Mizuno wedges playing as a beginner and Mizuno wedges are no doubt the best wedges to improve your game as a beginner.

I’ve been playing with them on the golf course for years and now I can say that most of the clubs in my bag are Mizuno’s.

I picked up Mizuno 50 degree wedge(gap wedge), Mizuno 56 degree wedge(sand wedge), and 60 degree (lob wedge) Mizuno wedges out of the T7 range and the experience was very satisfactory at first. 

I didn’t have a chance to hit with the T7 wedges before I got them, so I was flying a little bit on faith that the recommendations I’d received would be good.

Mizuno T7 Wedges Review

mizuno t7

Mizuno T7 wedges are more beginner friendly with added precision and are the best Mizuno wedges with more forgiveness than the previous Mizuno T5 wedges.

The review I’m giving on Mizuno wedges is solely on my personal experience with these wedges and the comparison of Mizuno t7 wedge specs with other wedges.

Being an evident golfer I only explain the Mizuno t7 wedge review that will be relevant to other golfers and you.

Looks & Design

The Mizuno T7 has a unique look with a bit of an indented area below the grip that is supposed to increase spin on approach shots with the DG True Temper spinner shafts of the best Mizuno wedges.

These Mizuno wedges come in two finishes, white Satin and Blue Ip that you may have seen in previous Mizuno wedges. 

The one main problem with Mizuno t7 wedge blue finish is that it can wear off after several shots. 

mizuno t7 wedge review

The shafts of the Mizuno T7 blue ion wedge come in a unique and advanced matte blue finish that can be a bit polarizing in the sun for some golfers. 

Despite the shafts being slightly polarizing the Mizuno wedge set is overall great looking.

You can also pick the traditional, brushed standard satin chrome finish of the T7 Mizuno wedge set. 

The Mizuno t7 blue ion wedge is less likely to be used by any golfer because of the glare. 

The only reason they can be liked by someone is because of their unique looks and sleek design.

Player Experience

Using the T7 Mizuno wedge you may feel like for a couple of months that your game is collapsing on the golf course but when you start to adjust according to them, then the Mizuno t7 wedge can be a game changer.

My overall experience with the Mizuno wedge set was quite smooth and the more one play with them the more he can become an expert with them.

You will find your game getting better with these wedges after a couple of rounds of draining it off the golf course.

mizuno 56 degree wedge

The Mizuno 56 degree wedge is more likely to be used by the majority of golfers out there.

When playing with the Mizuno T7 wedge set, you will experience a crazy spin around the greens when hitting full wedge shots with great control of your spins. 

The more you’ll play with Mizuno wedges, the more you’ll feel connected and confident with holding them.

There are plenty of other people who do a better job of getting into testing spin rates, distances, etc.

A wedge player who is more experienced will benefit from the Mizuno T7 because it provides a high level of feedback that gives them a good idea of how they are hitting the ball.

Budget Friendly

Another competitive edge the Mizuno wedges have is the budget-friendly price that they often offer on sales and discounts as compared to other wedge-like Titleist Vokey SM7, which does not give any promotional or discount offers to start at 150$ per club.

Steel Construction

The specialty of the Mizuno T7 wedge is that it is both forged and cast as compared to the previous Mizun T5 and other wedges that are only cast and are not forged because the grooves have a hard time hitting the golf balls.

The forged 1025 steel has been infused with boron to make it both good-looking, and reliable, and the grooves are long-lasting. 

forged wedges

The classic blade of the Mizuno wedge specs has been infused with  Boron this time to make it a unique blend of style and technology.

When you hit the ball with Mizuno T7 wedges from the middle, the feel is firm and is not cushioning as compared to Mizuno T5, but it is still good to golf.


The Mizuno T7 wedge specs feature a classic blade-style wedge with a teardrop head shape.

The size of the Mizuno T7 is similar to T5 but the channel in the back of the head is removed to give it a classic and unique look. 

The blade style of the Mizuno T7 is better enhanced for blade playability this time by focusing on the sound and feel that is much sharper and slimmer this time. 

mizuno blue

The shape of the Mizuno wedges also changes with the increase in the lofts as the lower loft(Mizuno 50 degree wedge) is more of like a pitching wedge and as the loft increases higher by 54 degrees to the Mizuno 58 degree wedge then it becomes more rounded in shape, according to the Mizuno wedges review.

Variety of Lofts & Grooves

The Mizuno T7 wedge specs feature Quad cut grooves on the face with wider shallow grooves in the higher lofts of the Mizuno 56 degree wedge and above. 

It also features deeper, narrower grooves in the lower lofts from 53 degrees downwards, according to the Mizuno wedges review.

The Mizuno wedges come in a wide variety of lofts ranging from 46 degrees to 62 degrees(Mizuno t7 lob wedge) giving you a different wedge at a difference of each 2 degrees. 

blue wedge

You may consider the following options given below:

  • Mizuno 50 degree wedge
  • Mizuno 52 degree wedge
  • Mizuno T7 54 wedge wedge
  • Mizuno 56 degree wedge
  • Mizuno T7 60 degree wedge

According to the Mizuno T7 wedges review, they are lighter to hold and feel in lower lofts and the bounce is slightly less than the actually mentioned number.

This makes it easy for the Mizuno 56 degree wedges with higher lofts to open the clubface letting them slip under the ball from very hard lies as well as an excellent grip that allows the ball to flop and stop perfectly. 

wedges for sale

There is a range of lofts starting at the Mizuno 56 degree wedge which is in line with the loft of the standard pitching wedge that comes with the MP iron sets.

The Mizuno wedge set is very effective, but for mid-range golfers and upwards the more forgiving S5 is probably the Mizuno wedge to go for as it is still forged, cheaper, looks great, and is more likely to retain your fingers if things turn out wrong.

FAQS: Mizuno Wedges Review

What is the Mizuno T7 Wedge release date?

The Mizuno T7 wedge was first released in 2017 and was highly anticipated by golfers due to its reputation as a high-quality wedge with advanced features. The T7 wedge was designed with a focus on providing golfers with maximum control and precision around the greens.

What size shaft is on a Mizuno T7 wedge?

The Mizuno T7 wedge comes with a standard Dynamic Gold S200 steel shaft in the men’s version. The women’s version comes with a standard Dynamic Gold R300 steel shaft, although other shaft options may be available through custom fitting.

Are Mizuno T7 wedges forgiving?

The Mizuno T7 wedges are designed with a better look in mind for better golfers. This makes them more conscious about performance rather than forgiveness. Although it offers forgiveness, not on a very large scale.

Conclusion: Mizuno Wedges Review

As a golfer who has played with Mizuno wedges, I can confidently say about the Mizuno wedges review that they are a top choice for players looking for a wedge better in both quality and looks.

The Mizuno T7 wedges are particularly impressive, offering a combination of precision, control, and forgiveness.

The Mizuno T7 wedge review is really for better players whose skills are more advanced.

Additionally, the feel and feedback from the T7 wedges are exceptional, allowing for a confident and comfortable shot execution.

Overall, Mizuno wedges are a must-try for golfers looking for a better-controlled game around the greens.

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