Top 10 Best 60 Degree Wedges In 2023

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Top 10 Best 60 Degree Wedges In 2023

A wedge is the most important and useful club in a golfer’s bag. Choosing the right and the best 60 degree wedge can have a great impact on your performance and ability to grow as a golfer. When you get it right, you will learn much faster and have a lot more enjoyment, so it pays to research thoroughly and then make the right choice.

I have narrowed it down to the most popular picks for the best 60 degree wedges for 2023, and each of them has been played, tested, and reviewed by golf professionals to give you detailed information about its performance so that you can make a better purchase decision and to make your selection a little bit easier,

Best 60 Degree Wedges

There have been a lot of articles I have written about golf wedges to aid golfers in better understanding the performance and specifications of wedges, as well as some positive feedback about the best 60 degree wedges.

My intention is to provide you with a practical overview that will allow you to use it as a launching point when you are in the market to purchase a new wedge after looking into the features that make it unique to make your choice as easy as possible.

What Are The Types Of Golf Wedge Degrees?

The degrees of wedges in golf can be divided into a variety of types, each of which has been designed with a particular purpose in mind. Here are some of the most popular wedge degrees that are used.

Pitching Wedges (PW)

Typically 44 to 48 degrees of loft and used for medium-range shots around the green.

Gap Wedges (GW)

Usually have a loft of around 50 to 54 degrees and are used for full swings from the fairway or for approach shots from the rough.

Sand Wedges (SW) – What is the degree of a sand wedge?

Often 56 to 58 degrees of loft, sand wedges are designed for getting out of bunkers and for shots from rough and deep rough.

Lob Wedges (LW)

The highest lofted wedges, usually ranging from 60 to 64 degrees and used for high, soft shots that stop quickly on the green.

Specialty Wedges

Some manufacturers offer specialized wedges, such as the 56 degree wedges, designed for players who want more options around the green.

With the lob wedge, the ball will be able to be put in the air very quickly and then dropped softly onto the green. In all probability, your pitching wedge would have rolled 10 feet or longer, whereas a good golf ball could have rolled just 3 or 4 feet.

Why A 60 Degree Wedge?

Among all the wedges in the market, it is widely considered one of the best 60 degree wedges in terms of flexibility. A 60 degree loft makes this golf club one of the highest lofted out of all the golf clubs in the bag, so it’s an excellent club to use for shots that require a high trajectory, as its name would suggest.

Using it is great for getting over obstacles like trees, pools of water, and bunkers that are not as easy to cross. There are many advantages to this wedge, as it has the capability to stop the ball quickly on the greens, which is one of the biggest.

As your skill improves and you have studied and practiced this wedge for a while, you may even end up matching the pros with incredible backspin when you use it.

In order to ensure that your ball stops quickly on the green, the 60 degree lob wedge is designed to hit the ball high and is mainly used to clear bunkers and deep rough on the greens.

It is also a challenge to play the ball on an upward-sloping green since there is always a chance that the ball can run through the green to run into a bunker or rough, which can only be avoided with a lob wedge which can lift the ball into the air with a soft landing.

Those golfers who are high handicappers and have trouble with their short game might choose this model as it’s the ideal choice. However, if you pick the wrong type of club or don’t pick the best 60 degree golf wedges for your style, it can prove to be challenging to learn how to use this golf club.

In most cases, golfers think it is hard to play 60 degree wedges because they think it will be a difficult club to master, but it is just another golf club to learn how to play and master over time.

Where To Use A 60 Degree Wedge?

As a golfer, it is often beneficial to have 60 degree wedges nearby because there are several situations where it would be beneficial. You will need the 60 degree lob wedges:

  • When you need to hit the ball over a tree or when hitting the ball over an obstacle.
  • When it’s a tricky landing condition, and when you’re in the deep rough near the green when.
  • When you aim for a soft landing and you’re playing near the green.
  • When there’s a deep bunker in which your ball has landed.

Top 10 Best 60 Degree Wedges 2023

Let’s take a look at a buying guide and list of the most popular and best 60 degree lob wedges being used by golfers today.




  • Mild carbon steel 8620 material.
  • A lovely appearance and exceptional feel.
  • Tour-proven W and C grinds simplify greenside shots.


  • For some people, the traditionally formed lobes might be a turn-off.

Key Features:

This new Callaway is one of the best 60 degree golf wedges, which sets a new benchmark in performance for high handicappers thanks to the JAWS MD5.

The W-Grind is a high-bounce composite ball with the ability to easily play from the rough, fairway, and sand better than other high-bounce products. It has a variety of bounce and grind combinations, including the new Low Bounce W-Grind.

In combination with Groove-In-Groove Technology, the exclusive JAWS groove design creates an unparalleled balance between spin and game control that is both exceptional and unmatched.

A combination of a fair weight distribution loft in combination with a soft 8620 Carbon Steel cavity back delivers something that is unlike any other golf club on the marketplace today, which makes it one of the best 60 degree golf clubs.

A high handicapper and a beginner will find this wedge to be one of the best wedges on the market.

Designed for use on tour, the sole grinds and cambered sole enhance the chance of creating clean contact on tight lies for greater on-course confidence.

As the loft increases in the club, its precision-milled aluminum medallions and four-weight ports allow you to position the center of Gravity progressively upward with the increase in the loft for a solid feel as you swing it.




  • Larger head, deeper cavity back, and thicker top line for better control.
  • Upper and mid lofts with W Grind.
  • A lower loft with a complete sole gives turf engagement.


  • For some people, the traditionally formed lobes might be a turn-off.

Key Features:

There are a number of features with the Callaway 60 degree wedge that have been improved in order to increase control, forgiveness, and spin in order to make your game more consistent with becoming the best 60 degree wedges.

During your swing, you’ll be able to maintain control of the wedge while maintaining the confidence of iron with its deep cavity back, slightly larger head, and stronger topline.

Two types of sole grinds are available in order to increase consistency.

As the lofts progress down, the sole is now larger in order to facilitate a more effortless, steely turf engagement.

A new design of W Grind provides more bounce in mid and higher lofts, ensuring greater forgiveness when hitting out of bunkers and heavy rough, which places it among the best 60 degree golf clubs.




  • A Lightweight System with Deep, acute Grooves.
  • For Soft impact, use Rubber Inserts.
  • Eye2 Sole Grind with Precision-Milled Grooves.


  • Only recommended for modest-angle players.

Key Features:

The wedge features a soft, 431 stainless steel construction with a round head profile, a curved hosel angle, and a larger offset. This provides a cleaner look and better ball control on the golf course, designed by all wedge manufacturers, which makes it one of the best 60 degree wedges.

A tour-proven PING Glide 3.0 wedge delivers shot-saving performance through the use of deep, sharp grooves for an increased spin, as well as an overall lighter weight for improved feel and control due to its varying lofts, sole grinds, and bounce angles.

This wedge’s head features a higher moment of inertia for increased precision, and its rubber makes it softer for an improved feel during impact. In addition to this, it is available in a variety of lofts.

Golfers of all abilities can find a sole grind that suits their swing at their full potential, with four distinct options available, including the classic PING Eye2 SW. It is overall among the best 60 degree wedges.

It is finished in HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 to resist water and reduce resistance as you swing through the green.

With the use of full swings, golfers are able to make more accurate shots around the green because of greater versatility and trajectory control.


wilson wedges


  • Traditional blade design.
  • Durability.
  • High performance and reliability.
  • True Temper steel irons.


  • The grip could be a bit small for some.

Key Features:

Wedge heads constructed of forging-grade carbon steel and precisely shaped faces provide a combination of long-term durability and confidence during short-game plays.

One of the most desirable characteristics of a wedge is whether the heads are made from soft-forged carbon steel or have a precision-milled face, which makes it one of the best 60 degree wedges.

It is a reliable wedge that provides both short- and long-term assistance as well as full swinging.
There is a higher density pattern on the machine-engraved score lines and the machine-engraved faces, ensuring better ball contact between the two.

Because of this, every shot is able to spin and be controlled to the maximum extent possible.


cobra wedges


  • Progressive Spin Technology.
  • Snakebite Groove Technology.
  • High Groove Volume and Sharpened Edges.
  • Full Face Grooves


  • It can be a Costly Choice.

Key Features:

This wedge features a new groove design that utilizes a redesigned machining procedure in order to tighten and smooth out the groove dimensions, resulting in an increased groove capacity and maximum ball spin when used thus making it the best 60 degree wedges.

Traditionally, open-face shots on club heads with 50, 52, or 54 degrees of loft will be enhanced by traditional grooves, whereas full-face grooves on clubs with a 56, 58, or 60 degree loft will provide the maximum spin performance possible on open-face shots.

It features a vintage version of the KING COBRA symbol that has been applied to the wedge.

This wedge is manufactured with a unique design known as the SNAKEBITE groove, which produces extra bite around the golf course by maximizing spin. COBRA KING offers three different grinds: Versatile, Classic, and Wide Low.

In most cases, the “versatile” grind can be specified with the relief of the toe, heel, and leading edge, whereas in the “classic” grind, the sole width increases from heel to toe, and in the “wide low” grind, the sole width is more narrow and bounces less. It is overall among the best 60 degree wedges.


cleveland cbx 2


  • Excellent lob style.
  • Incredible flop shot club.
  • Feels great and is forgiving.


  • Some players find the head too large.
  • The color options are limited.

Key Features:

This generation of 60 degree wedge cleveland comes packed with a lightweight hosel, a curved flange, a larger toe, as well as an all-new Hollow-Cavity back design and will never disappoint you.

With the help of a complete mechanism, it moves the center of gravity right to where you hit the ball, making it easier for you to hit it accurately and the best 60 degree wedges.

In other words, straighter shots will be able to travel a longer distance and sound better as well. Basically, it’s unmatched forgiveness and smooth softness, and the tour-level wedge is great for full swings.

There is a smart sole on the cleveland 60 degree wedge, making it the best 60 deg wedges, along with a lot of spins and zip grooves on top of the grooves. There is an extra degree of sharpness on Zip Grooves that help cut grass and debris to provide more spin from the rough.

Using rotary machining centers, friction is added between the grooves for even more spinning, while using laser milling, maximum roughness is reached for unimaginable stopping power, with added friction between the grooves for even more spinning.


mizuno t20 wedges


  • 1025E High-Quality Mild Carbon Steel.
  • Fine-Tuned Face Design.
  • Milled Deep Grooves For Higher Lofts.


  • Only a Satin Chrome finish is available for Left-Hand.

Key Features:

The technology that Mizuno uses for making wedges is Grain Flow Forged, which is extremely consistent and provides a good feel to the club. When it comes to Irons, the Mizuno brand is well known, but with wedges, it’s even more well-known since comfort and control are the key differentiators, thus making it the best 60 deg wedge.

MIZUNO golf wedge 60 degree’s spin-weighted blade construction is one of the things that makes it more stable than other wedges in spin rates as well as allows the trajectory of the wedge to be more accurate than other wedges as it has quad-cut milled grooves that are loft specific and built to last over time.

There are a variety of grind options and finishes available for this product. There is even an option for you to get a 61 or 62-degree wedge with the T-22X. There are three finishes available for these – Satin Chrome, Denim Copper, or Raw Finish – and they are all attractive.

It is important to notice that the grooves on T20’s higher lofted wedges are broader and shallower than those on the lower lofted wedges. It is designed with a deep, narrow groove that is ideal for full shots when compared to its higher lofted variants.

The components of the club have been carefully machined to ensure that the club spins smoothly and steadily while helping golfers to achieve reliable spins and durable grooves. It is overall among the best 60 degree wedges.


cleveland rtx zipcore


  • Hydrazip face, UltiZip grooves, and upgraded ZipCore tech.
  • Designed with an Awful and Improved Spin.
  • Whether it’s Wet or Dry, Dynamic Blasting Maximizes Spin.


  • It mostly comes in higher loft options.

Key Features:

RTX ZipCore Tour golf wedges 60 degrees come with raw, unplated wedge heads that are bent, ground, colored, engraved, and assembled to your requirements, exactly like that of the pros on tour. This wedge is a perfect example of the pros type of wedge and is among the best 60 degree wedges.

The RTX ZipCore is built from revolutionary technology to provide greater precision, more spin, and unparalleled durability over and over again. This wedge has an UltiZip Groove, as well as a new heat treatment technique that makes it stand out from the rest and the best 60 degree golf clubs.

A new RTX ZipCore golf club 60 degrees is designed to enable maximum spin performance across the golf course, regardless of whether the lie is on the fairway, rough, sand, or in wet conditions, regardless of whether the lie is on the fairway, rough, sand, or in wet conditions.

9. Callaway Mack Daddy Jaws Full Toe Wedge

Callaway jaws


  • Offset Groove in Groove Technology.
  • Unmatched Spin.
  • High-Tech Features.
  • Forgiveness and Versatility


  • It is Expensive

Key Features:

If you’re looking for the highest-quality wedge from Callaway, the Jaws full-toe wedge is the one for you. As it is fully equipped with all the tech you could ask for, you are getting a device that is worth every cent you spend. If you are a low handicapper, this wedge is a great option for you.

A wedge-like this can give you a tremendous amount of spin on your approach shot, and it is unparalleled in the game and is among the best 60 degree wedges. The Jaws full-toe design with the C grind features an exclusive Jaws foot pad and weight-adjustable plugs.

They are also designed with a great green approach, as well as an exclusive Jaws foot pad. In addition to allowing for an efficient trajectory, it is also able to provide a solid grip and a comfortable feel allowing for a low center of gravity.

10. TaylorMade Milled Grind 3.0 Wedge

taylormade 60 degree wedge


  • Chrome Finish Featuring Raw Face Micro-Ribs.
  • Feel and Impact Increased With Raw Face Technology.
  • Streamlined Redistribution Design.
  • Exceptional Quality.


  • The face can rust, leaving the head intact.
  • It is expensive.

Key Features:

The TaylorMade 60 degree wedge is one of the most recognized wedges in terms of its design, and it’s a pretty standard wedge equipped with the latest technology that allows you to hit partial shots with great accuracy. In order to enhance the face texture and give this wedge more spin, it is equipped with Multi-Blade Micro-Ribs.

There is a wide range of loft options available with this 60 degree golf club, as well as finishes like Chrome and Black. An MG3 Tiger Woods Grind Wedge is also available in two lofts, 56 degrees or 60 degrees, along with the MG3 Tiger Woods Grind Rifle. In addition to having a higher bounce than the basic model, the heel has also been smoothed out to make it more comfortable.

There is the Milled Grind 3 series from TaylorMade that consists of a 60-degree wedge that is a great alternative to the Titleist Vokey wedge. The Vokey 60 degree wedge is used by many elite players for short-range shots of all types, like the Titleist 60 degree wedge.

Summary – Best 60 Degree Wedges

The 60 degree golf club is typically used by golfers when they have to get their ball close to the hole from off the green or when they have to escape from a sand bunker. A golfer’s bag isn’t complete without these best 60 golf clubs and they can be a huge help when it comes to making those tricky short shots with a great deal more confidence and accuracy.

In addition to their accuracy, versatility, and control on the golf course, all the best 60 degree wedges listed above have gained recognition for their quality. The type of swing you use and your skill level, as well as your particular course conditions, are some factors you should consider when choosing a wedge, as well as the type of swing you use as well as your swing style

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