Top Flite XL Review 2023 – Best Price Club

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Top Flite XL Review 2023 – Best Price Club

If you are looking for the best-performing sand wedge option at the best price, you have come to the right place. Also, if you are Looking for an affordable and high-quality set of golf clubs? Then check out our Top Flite XL review to discover the features and benefits of this popular 13-piece set.

According to the top flite xl golf clubs review, it is one of the best options and a perfect game improvement club for beginners and high handicappers. This is the best cheaper option available to you as a complete set rather than buying a bunch of different wedges from brand-name manufacturers at a great cost. This wedge is worth every shot you play with it.

top flite xl review

If you’re here searching for the best top flite clubs or a new set of top flite irons, you’ve likely come across the Top Flite XL set. This set has been gaining popularity among golf enthusiasts for its affordability and quality.

But is it really worth the investment? In this top flite xl golf clubs review that you will be able to learn are top flite golf clubs good, what is special about them, who should get them, who should avoid getting them, and is top flite a good golf brand.

Top Flite XL Club

top flite clubs


  • Excellent forgiveness and high launch.
  • Low Centre Of Gravity.
  • Highly Affordable.
  • Offset head structure with perimeter weighting.


  • Lack advanced technology features of modern wedges.
  • Less control, feel, and workability compared to other clubs.
  • Traditional wedge design with less adjustability and customization.


 A large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness

 Low-profile design for easy launch and highball flight

 High MOI putter for better stability and accuracy

 Lightweight graphite shafts for improved swing speed

 Durable construction for long-lasting use

Key Features

  • It is a forged top flite driver 460cc with a graphite shaft and a huge sweet spot for achieving extreme distances.
  • In order to achieve the best performance, one of the fairway woods (3-wood) is equipped with a steel shaft.
  • With a steel shaft, these 4H and 5H hybrids are easy to hit and have a good feel for the golf balls.
  • Stainless steel perimeter-weighted irons (6-iron to 7-iron) that provide exceptional forgiveness, control, and feel on the golf course.
  • Enhanced accuracy is ensured by the alignment stripes on the mallet putter.
  • For handicappers who have difficulty getting the ball in the proper trajectory, this top flite driver 460cc maintains a low Center of Gravity that promotes high ball flight and launch.
  • Having an offset clubhead helps golfers to hit straighter shots, especially when they tend to slash the ball as they hit the shot.

Why You Should Buy Top Flite XL

You also may be wondering are top flite clubs good and if you should get a complete top flite iron set or buy wedges, clubs, putters, and everything separately. According to an expert’s opinion, you should get a complete club as it will be an economical option for you as a beginner. 

Also, if you stop playing golf after some time, then you won’t regret paying that much lower amount for the complete Top Flight Xl club. It is always a good idea to buy a set that includes everything that you will need, without having to buy all the things separately, so that you can save time and money.

The Top Flite XL set is a great option for golfers who are looking for an affordable set of clubs that don’t skimp on quality. With its large sweet spot, low-profile design, and high MOI putter, this set is designed to help golfers of all levels improve their play.

Plus, with its durable construction and lightweight graphite shafts, you can be sure that these clubs will last you for years to come. And at a fraction of the cost of other high-end sets, the Top Flight XL set is an investment that’s hard to pass up.

What You Get In Top Flite XL

Top Flite Xl 13-piece Complete Set Reviews

The Top Flite XL set is a 13-piece complete set that includes everything you need to get started on the golf course. It is a complete top flite xl golf set of clubs that includes 1 Driver, 3 Wood, 4 Hybrids, 5 Hybrids, 6-9 Irons, a Wedge, Putter, Bag, Headcover, and all the necessary equipment.

Having oversized, offset, and a low Center of Gravity, the clubs have the perfect combination of attributes to improve your game, which is exactly what anyone can benefit from, whether they’re a beginner or a high handicapper. Here’s what you can expect to find in the set:

Top Flite Driver 460cc Review – Are Top flight Good Golf Clubs?

The top flite driver 460cc has a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness and distance.

Among the features of the Top Flite XL club set is the Ti driver with graphite shaft, and the oversized driver head measures 460cc, which according to the USGA, is the maximum volume that can be fitted into a driver’s head.

In order to achieve consistent high launches with low spin, the designers are placing the Centre of Gravity low and to the rear of the club face, which will provide added distance and forgiveness.

As a result of the larger clubhead, the manufacturer is able to enhance the volume of the sweet spot, which results in maximum forgiveness when hitting off the tee. Furthermore, the driver possesses 10.5 degrees of loft, which is best suited for golfers with average to faster swing speeds.

A driver with a weaker loft than the 10.5-degree option may be easier to launch if your swing speed is slower than the one with a 10.5-degree loft.

Fairway Woods

The set includes a 3-wood and a 5-wood, both of which have a low-profile design for easy launch and high ball flight.

 This club has a loft of 15 degrees, which should provide most players with a fair amount of loft so that they are able to launch their shots high. Furthermore, the club also provides you with an alternative off the tee if your driver fails to perform.

If you struggle to achieve a consistent launch, you should consider a 16-degree 3-wood or a 19-degree 5-wood.


There are two hybrids in the set – a 4-hybrid and a 5-hybrid – which are perfect for getting out of tough lies and hitting longer shots with accuracy.

There is a difference between a 4-hybrid and a 5-hybrid when it comes to loft, as the former has 21 degrees of loft, while the latter has 24 degrees of loft, and the latter has a loft similar to that of a 3-iron.

The purposes of hybrid clubs are to promote a straight ball flight with optimum turf interaction, which in turn ensures a straight shot from any lie. There is a higher ball flight caused by the design of the clubs, which induces a soft landing on the green during the approach, thus holding it in place.

Despite being forgiving, some clubs have a draw bias setup which limits the ability to shape one’s shots. Hybrid clubs are the perfect club if you are looking to go straight and stay out of trouble on the course as a beginner.

Top Flite Irons

The set includes four irons through pitching wedges which include 6, 7, 8, and 9-iron, that are designed for maximum forgiveness and accuracy.

In order to take advantage of maximum forgiveness across the face of the iron, these mid and short irons have a wide sole with perimeter weighting.

As a result of this feature, you will be able to maintain ball speed and achieve consistent distance even on the heel and avoid mishitting the toe.

In the set, the lofts of the 6 and 7 irons have been designed to be slightly higher than in the traditional design, while the lofts of the 8 and 9 irons have been designed to be in line with what is usually expected of a golfer.


The mallet-style top flite putter has a high MOI for better stability and accuracy on the greens. Designed with an alignment feature, the putter will help you start the ball off on the right line every time you use it.

With the larger mallet head, you are guaranteed to achieve your desired weight even with off-center strokes, as the larger mallet head offers maximum forgiveness.

Who Should Buy The Top Flite XL Complete Golf Set?

If you’re an expert golfer and want things to go professionally, or you are buying this wedge to win your club championship, then Top Flite XL may not be the right wedge for you. 

This is the perfect wedge for you if you are a beginner or high handicapper who is looking for a quality wedge with maximum forgiveness and swings at a low price. You can get the Top lite XL at a much lesser amount than you would pay for different wedges separately.

In terms of playability, the wedges in the top flight clubs are a better choice for beginners and high handicappers.

Top Flite XL Detailed Review 2023

It is now time for us to take a closer look at what is offered by the Top Flite XL and to know are top flite golf clubs good, in this review.

Handicap Type

Featuring a low center of gravity, offset golf club heads, as well as an oversized golf face, the top flite xl clubs dicks is the complete set for you. The combination of all of these factors makes it the best golf club for you if you are a high handicapper or a beginner who is looking for a better club.

The feel and consistency this set of clubs provides are not going to be as good as what low handicappers may want to get from these clubs as compared with other modern clubs.

Shaft Types

When you have a complete set of clubs like the Top Flite golf set, there aren’t a lot of shaft options you can choose from. In order to facilitate the smooth operation of the woods, hybrids, and fairways, they will all come with an ultralight and forgiving graphite shaft.

Compared to other modern clubs, this graphite shaft feels like it could be a regular flex shaft for men. Top Flite XL complete sets include all the clubs that you will need to play the game of golf, including regular flex shafts, while both the length and lie angle are standard.

In terms of shaft upgrades or customization, these clubs don’t offer many options, but they are more than enough for those who are in the initial phase of learning golf and don’t want to make a huge investment right away.

The steel shaft of this iron provides you with a lot more control and consistency over your shots, helping you to improve your score as a result. In contrast, this steel shaft features a weak steel shaft, which is not as strong as a regular steel shaft.

If you want to learn how to hit your best golf ball balls straight on the driving range, you should consider the graphite shafts in the driver and long clubs.

Design & Feel

In addition, the Top Flite golf clubs come in a great look with them as well. As a result of the sleek design, the fairway wood and hybrid are a bit thinner, making them feel more like the kind of golf clubs used by mid-handicappers. 

There is a cavity back design with perimeter weighting on the irons that make them some of the most forgiving irons that you can get, but they won’t be as easy to work with. 

Overall, I think that the long irons and the driver are going to feel better than most of the other irons on the course. These clubs are all offset in design, which makes them a great choice if you are a slicer looking to find a new club.

As far as overall feel, moderate price, and excellent performance are concerned, the Top Flite xl golf clubs are excellent choices if you’re looking for a club with a nicer feel, moderate price, and excellent performance.

Excellent Forgiveness

In terms of forgiveness, the Top Flite clubs set offers excellent results due to the fact that all of these golf clubs have a center of gravity that is located quite low on them.

If you are a beginner or just starting out with golf, then this golf club set will make you learn to be excellent at shots.

To help you control the irons a bit more, the soles have a wide design, and the shafts have a stainless steel finish. Top Flite XL’s stainless steel shaft will improve the amount of control and feel that you are able to get out of this club if you are a bit reckless with your iron shots.

Economical Price

There is no doubt that the price of the Top Flite club is going to be impossible to beat since it offers great value for your money. You will also receive golf putters with these sets as well as a stand bag in which you will be able to keep everything together in addition to the high-performance golf clubs.

When you calculate how much all of these items would cost separately, you will find that the Top Flite XL set costs quite a bit higher than the amount you would pay for these items separately.

Alternate Options

Wilson Profile Golf Clubs

wilson profile golf clubs


  • Driver improves distance with power.
  • Powerful stainless steel irons.
  • Low-placed weighting creates playability.
  • Enhanced spin technology.


  • Putter blades aren’t the best.

Callaway Strata Complete Set

callaway strata review


  • Complete 12-piece Set.
  • Stainless steel irons.
  • Lightweight 460cc Forged Driver.
  • Excellent Forgiveness and Control.


  • Set without the sand wedge.

Macgregor CG3000 Clubs Set

macgregor golf clubs


  • Matrix driver with 13 degrees and 460cc.
  • Undercut cavity for improved launch.
  • Low CG for maximum playability.
  • Durable Nylon bag with matching headcover.


  • Mostly used by High Handicappers
  • Lesser Lofts.

Conclusion: Top Flite XL Review

In conclusion, the Top Flite XL set is a great option for golfers who are looking for a high-quality set of clubs without breaking the bank. With its impressive features and durable construction, this set is sure to help you improve your game and enjoy your time on the golf course.

So if you’re in search of a new set of clubs, be sure to consider the Top Flite XL. So, Improve your game without spending too much with the Top Flite XL set, and don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your play with the Top Flite XL set.

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