Top 10 Best Sand Wedges In Golf Of 2023

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Top 10 Best Sand Wedges In Golf Of 2023

Are you one of those golfers who struggle to hit balls out of bunkers with the golf clubs you use on the course? Or have you been thinking about improving your short game? By choosing the right wedge, all of this can be resolved.

Are you looking for the best sand wedges in golf but are not sure which one to choose? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with top sand wedges recommendations by experts and some pro golfers’ tips to improve your game to the next level.

Best sand wedges in golf

This buying guide is for you if:

  • Your goal is to find the best sand wedges in golf and make sure you’re getting the right one.
  • You want to change the specs of your golf wedges, but you have no idea how to proceed.
  • If you have an idea for sand wedge golf club but want some second opinions.

The most challenging part of any golfer’s game is playing from bunkers, as everyone knows it is one of the most difficult parts of the game. A bunker shot has many factors to consider, from the difficult lie off the sand to the level of the bunker. 

Choosing the right swing speed in the best sand wedges is also important when you are dealing with bunkers. You want to get the ball up into the air for your shot, but you also want the ball to get enough spin so that it can land comfortably on the green.

In order to give yourself the best chance of feeling comfortable around the greens and bunkers, it is essential to find the right and best sand wedges in golf for your swing types. As a result, you will be able to change your perspective on the golf course and be able to make more ebbs and flows throughout your game.

Top 10 Best Sand Wedges In Golf 2023

Check out our list of recommendations for the best golf club sand wedges , as well as some top suggestions that have been tried and tested by experts and are the best wedges for the money on the market at the moment.

1. Callaway JAWS Full-Toe Raw Wedge

callaway jaws full toe wedge review


  • Increases friction at the contact.
  • Outstanding spins and strikes.
  • Provides a soft feel on shots.
  • Raw face and one grind.


  • Not every golfer’s choice.
  • Limited grind options.

Key Features

The JAWS Full Toe Raw Face Callaway sand wedges are crafted in the Full Toe shape, where the heel part of the wedge is enlarged in height, adding even more area to the club face compared to the conventional JAWS Full Toe wedges.

As a result of the full toe shape and the C grind, this creates an extremely flexible golf wedge experience that is enhanced by the shape of the full toe. That is why it is one of the best sand wedges 2023.

There is nothing more powerful than these Callaway sand wedges at the course when it comes to bunker shots, high flops, and mid wedge shots equally as well. You can clear your confusion about buying this best Cleveland wedge with the C-Grind, the only sole grind available.

It is the combination of Callaway’s JAWS grooves and offset groove-in-groove technology that has resulted in the new “Raw” face from Callaway in their new and best sand wedges in golf. This new face allows players to maximize spin as well as control it, contributing to an improved round on the greens.

Some evidence suggests that the “Raw Face Technology” used in these wedges causes the club faces to rust, thereby reducing glare and possibly maintaining spin rates throughout the duration of their use.

2. Cleveland CBX Zip Core Wedge

cleveland cbx zipcore


  • 3 shapes of soles.
  • Higher spin rates.
  • Ultimate ZipCore Technology with UltiZip Grooves.
  • Excellent for bunkers.


  • Heavyweight wedge profile.
  • Higher moment of inertia.

Key Features

As one of the best sand wedges in golf with a cavity-back design, the Cleveland CBX ZipCore wedge is among the best out there, and it comes with a black Catalyst Spinner graphite shaft that is something quite uncommon to see in a wedge, making it one of the most attractive golf clubs out there. 

CBX Cleveland sandwedge, is relatively easy to hit and fly, largely due to the ZipCore that sits at the center of this wedge, and this helps it to have a greater MOI for more forgiveness, which is one of the reasons for its relatively easy hit and fly.

The Cleveland sand wedge, therefore, a great choice if you are a golfer who sometimes gets nervous about your chip shots and is often more likely to hit a shot that is slightly off-center due to anxiety.

This wedge has a cavity-backed club head, making it a much more forgiving wedge than you normally experience in other best sand wedges in golf, thus helping you to reduce the number of times you’ll hit chunky shots around the greens on your rounds, as it will help you to reduce the number of chunky shots you’ll hit around the greens during your rounds.

Due to its graphite shaft, this wedge is a lot lighter than the Cleveland RTX, which is mainly due to its weight. As far as longer shots are concerned, the CBX gives an excellent combination of stability and control.

There is also a good deal of spin on the golf balls for high handicappers thanks to UltiZip grooves and the clubface, which provides a good spin, but it does feel a bit clicky, giving the impression that the club is quite firm.

3. Callaway Jaws Mack Daddy 5 Wedge

callaway sand wedges


  • Great design with a soft feel.
  • Excellent and clear sound.
  • Comes in multiple grind and loft options.
  • The Micro-ridge pattern improves spin traction.


  • More curved in the hosel area.
  • The color options are limited.

Key Features

Designed with a 37 degree loft to make them sharper and provide maximum grip, the MD5 Callaway sand wedges are one of the best sand wedges in golf today. Their new Jaws grooves are another feature that makes them stand out from the rest. They are one of the best wedges you can play.

Furthermore, the raised micro ridges between the grooves of the Callaway sand wedges make it easier for the clubface to create additional spin off the ball because it has more points of contact with the ball.

This is one of the best sand wedges 2023 and is designed to produce exceptional spin, both on long-pitch shots as well as on full shots.

As with all Callaway wedges, all of them have an incredible smoothness during impact, which is mostly attributed to the mild carbon steel construction of the club heads and to the muscle-back design of the wedge. 

As a result of the high-bounce W Grind, you are going to find this wedge to be the most forgiving and the best sand wedge golf.

The Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS wedge is the best Callaway sand wedge due to its high spin rate, flexible sole grind, soft feel, and cost-effectiveness. This is the best suitable sand wedge for mid and high-handicappers.

The Callaway wedges offer you two sole grind options, with the S-grind being more popular among golfers because of its flexibility with all angles of attack, and it shows the best playability on relatively soft to medium grounds.

4. Mizuno T22 Wedge

mizuno t22 wedges


  • Great spin control with less spin drop.
  • Wide range of finishes.
  • Excellent for use on moist ground.
  • Multiple sole grind options.


  • Wedge design isn’t for everyone.
  • Limited forgiveness.

Key Features

In order to improve the feel of the club at impact, T22 Mizuno wedges feature a thin layer of copper under the nickel in order to provide a more responsive feel in the design of the wedge.

Using denim copper of the Mizuno’s in the sand wedge golf club, will not only give it a performance advantage, but you will also be able to feel the density of the wedge even further thanks to the copper plating.

It has a more compact modified teardrop design along with a heavily curved top edge giving the appearance of a thinner wedge than it actually is.

The spin-weighted blade design, created by narrowing the upper portion of the blade, produces more consistent spin and a more accurate trajectory.

During wet weather, Mizuno wedges offer a series of HydroFlow Micro Grooves technologies that help you improve your performance as they are laser etched to disperse moisture and reduce spin drop-off during play.

The milled grooves and the loft-specific grooves, as compared to sand irons are cut from high-boron steel, which will offer a higher lifespan and a longer service life.

This sand wedge is available in three finishes – Denim Copper, Satin Chrome, and Raw. As the Raw finish doesn’t include the copper underlay, it will rust over time if left untreated, which makes it the best sand wedge in golf.

5. Cobra King Snake Bite Wedge

cobra king wedges


  • Full-face grooves.
  • Offer three grinds for a customized fit.
  • Three sole grinds.
  • Powerful spin with the constant launch.


  • Overweight profile at address.
  • The cost is higher.

Key Features

There is no doubt that the full-face grooves on the Cobra King Snakebite make it one of the best wedges in golf according to sand wedge reviews.

Cobra King is available in wedges with lofts ranging from 56-60 degrees of loft in wedges, with grooves that are full-face and are wider and shallower than the lofts below them, which allows it to create more spin on the wedges than when the wedge was open around the green.

There are three types of grind; you can choose from these top rated sand wedges depending on the type of swing you have and the type of turf you commonly play on.

This wedge is also a very pleasant club to gaze at, and it will appeal to all golfers from low to high handicappers looking for a wedge that can be used similarly to a cavity back iron.

The new King Cobra technology enhances the durability of the grooves and combines with Progressive Face Grooves to create spin and launch with short game control and excellent spin rates, which makes it the best and softest feeling wedges.

In order to generate high revolutions with an open clubface, the Snake Bite features deep and shallow full-face grooves that support the toe.

6. Mizuno ES21 Wedge

mizuno es21 wedge reviews


  • Impressive spins from a range of lies.
  • Carbon steel construction.
  • Incredibly smooth touch.
  • Wide variety of lofts and bounces.


  • You may not like wedge design. 

Key Features

The Mizuno ES21 wedge was designed to be one of the best sand wedges in golf, intended to last for as long as possible with its quad-cut milled grooves that are etched into the Mild Carbon Steel.

When the face of Mizuno’s best sand wedge in golf is clearly wet, you will still be able to grab plenty of shots thanks to the Micro Grooves that are laser etched in order to release moisture and reduce spin drop-off.

The sweet spot of the club has a centralized structure which allows for the shot to impact longer, deflect less, and spin higher from full as well as partial shots since it has a centralized sweet spot.

Because the sweet spot of the club is located in the middle of the club, you’re able to deliver a more consistent strike because of how stable the head feels, resulting in a high spin rate.

With the Mizuno ES21 wedge, the grooves are quad-cut, which means that the grooves are milled narrow to deep and wide to shallow, allowing them to optimize lofts for strong lofts and lofts for higher lofts.

The Harmonic Impact Technology, combined with its finely tuned head geometry, delivers an ideal impact feel and feedback, creating the optimal sensational experience.

7. Taylormade Milled Grind 3 Wedge

taylormade milled grind 3


  • Stunning design and shape.
  • Improved contact friction.
  • Produces a greater spin.
  • Smooth turf interaction.


  • Costly
  • Limited sole grinds.

Key Features

In this TaylorMade sand wedge, you have three different sole options, a low bounce option, a standard bounce option, and a high bounce option, for versatility and a more aggressive TW grind that comes in 56 degree wedges as well.

For those of you who sometimes get a little unsure over your chips, the milled design of the sole of this best sand wedge in golf is a great feature to have in the best sand wedges in golf.

The lower edge of the club slides along the surface of the ground when you hit your shot, thus providing you with great forgiveness and preventing you from hitting your shot too hard or digging into the grass before you hit it.

As a result of TaylorMade’s Raw face technology, the club’s non-plated body material rusts over time, giving it consistently high spin speeds even when it is in wet conditions.

Additionally, this wedge is one of the best sand wedges in golf and has been enhanced with raised micro ribs, which have been added between the grooves in order to help enhance friction between the clubface and the ball to aid in spin and precision around the greens when you are playing.

In the best Taylormade sand wedge, the face plating has been removed, allowing the grooves to be precisely positioned for a spin that is escalated, as well as comfort that is soft.

You’ll also notice that each depression in the clubface has been surrounded by raised Micro-Ribs, designed to make the surface more unique and increase the degree of texture.

8. Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge

sm9 vokey


  • Comes in multiple grind options.
  • Spin control is excellent.
  • Unconventional looks.
  • Provides exceptional playability.


  • Fewer grains.
  • Less Forgiving.

Key Features

The SM9 Titleist sand wedge is one of the best sand wedges, with a classic and sleek look that not only excites you during the play but also improves your golf experience.

This Vokey sand wedge is the most versatile club out there, with multiple lofts, grinds, and wedge bounce options to choose from, which maintains its versatility overall, due to which this titleist vokey sand wedge is suitable for every kind of shot you can play on the course.

You must know which grind or bounce option is best for you before you pick up the SM9 wedge.

From one of the grind options available, the F grind is the most suitable option for the majority of golfers because of its higher bounce rate between 10-14 degrees of loft, which helps you to deal with bunkers and lies.

This is the best Vokey wedge for sand out there when it comes to managing the trajectory and ball flight with this wedge. This also gives you great control over the ball’s flight, as well as increasing the spin rate of the ball.

The Titleist sand wedges come with one of the most compact profiles, and the grooves are heat-treated, which can enhance the spin characteristics of the wedge and maintain its spin rates even after repeated use.

9. Taylormade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge

taylormade hi toe 3


  • Forgiveness and spin control are high.
  • Raised Micro-Ribs.
  • Launch with higher CG.
  • Raw Face Technology.


  • Expensive.
  • Face rusts over time.

Key Features

It features milled ribs on the face that add texture and are designed to enhance spin for better performance on partial shots around the green due to the milled ribs positioned between the full grooves, which makes it one of the best sand wedges in golf.

Larger ZTP RAW Grooves are designed with curves that are further engineered for an optimal spin in a wide range of conditions.

It is possible to generate spin around the green when the wedge face is rotated open on shorter shots when using wedges with full-length scoring lines from 54 degrees and upward.

Hi-Toe 3 are the best wedges of all time that known for their ability to deliver better spin and launch results than other available best sand wedges in golf and is designed to be taller in the toe area than most wedges. This makes it easier for the player to get the ball to move.

In order to further optimize launch and spin with a premium feel, an added weight pad is located in the toe area of the foot to move the center of gravity closer to the center of the face.

In addition to sharper, narrower, and deeper grooves in the face, RAW Face Technology is designed to increase spin and feel by creating higher-quality grooves that are etched with precision by laser.

As the face of the club of one of the best sand wedges in golf rusts over time, it preserves the properties of spin and provides a time-honored look that is preferred by most expert golfers.

Soft, high-carbon steel is used to make Taylormade wedges, which ensure precision when it really counts the most.

Through the machining process, each sole is developed with a high degree of consistency, ensuring repeatable performance and interaction with turf, resulting in levels of tolerance that are unattainable for humans.

There are a variety of bounce options available, like most golf sand wedges, including low, standard, and high bounces.

Depending on the swing type and playing condition, each of the Taylormade’s best sand wedges in golf is optimized to enhance turf interaction and bounce efficiency.

10. Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore Wedge

cleveland rtx 6


  • Zipcore with Ultizip Gtooves.
  • Dynamic Laser Patterns.
  • Multiple Sole Grind Options.
  • High-Level Swings.


  • Heavyweight Profile.
  • Less Left-Handed Lofts.

Key Features

This Cleveland RTX 6 golf club is one of the best golf club sand wedges and comes with the HydraZip technology that features a dynamic blast and laser-milled line system, which will help you maximize your spin, whether it’s in dry or wet conditions.

As a result of the dynamic blast technology used by RTX 6 ZipCore Wedges, in conjunction with a laser pattern specific to the loft, the wedges offer striking performance with lofts ranging from 42-60 degrees.

A lower loft receives a less rough blast, while a higher loft receives a rougher blast and more laser lines, resulting in more consistent dry and wet spin performance across the course at lower lofts, which makes it the best sand wedge in golf.

The low-density core technology in the Cleveland sand wedge can be used to create a more consistent ball strike, allowing you to feel the ball more accurately and improve the forgiveness of the ball.

Further, it is important to note that adding a large amount of high-to-low and heel-to-toe MOI into every loft in the line results in an increase in spin, consistency, feel, and control for the player in the majority of the best sand wedges in golf.

RTX 6 ZipCore is Cleveland’s most advanced and one of the best sand wedges in golf, using the best technology on the market with a sequence of deep groove lines and groove radiuses that are the sharpest in the golf industry.

Grass, sand, dirt, and water are sent to the impact zone through the deeper grooves, while grass, sand, dirt, or water are allowed to escape through the tighter grooves.

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