The 10 Best Wedge Shafts For 2023

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The 10 Best Wedge Shafts For 2023

best wedge shafts

If you’re looking to improve your short game, then the best wedge shafts can make all the difference. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the perfect one for your game? Fear not, because we’ve scoured the market to bring you the top 10 best wedge shafts for ultimate performance.

Wedges are the second most used clubs by a golfer and most players are not able to use them correctly because of the wrong choice of wedge shaft. Wedges are used to hit the ball to launch it high and descend it.

When it comes to your wedges, the shaft you choose can have a huge impact on your performance, optimal launch, flight, and spin around the green. If you opt for a golf shaft that is too flexible, your shots will likely balloon and lose distance. If the shaft is too stiff, it can lead to low launch and minimal spin, making it challenging to get the ball to stop where you want it to.

If you’re not able to hit the ball to your desired loft, then you should have a look at your shafts, and whether they are suitable for you or not. You should pick graphite wedge shafts to improve the lofts and distance over your shots and steel shafts can improve your control over the shots.

Here’s a list of the top 10 wedge shafts out there for different types of golfers like high handicappers with slow swing speeds, seniors, and mid-handicappers. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, continue reading to discover the perfect wedge shaft for your game to make an informed decision and take your short game to the next level.

Top 10 Best Shafts For Wedges In 2023

1. True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Black Wedge Shaft

dynamic gold shafts


  • Liquid Black Finish
  • Moderate spin trajectory
  • Durable construction
  • High-spin swing speeds
  • Buttery soft feel


  • Limited flex options
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • A bit pricey

Key Features

The True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Black Onyx Wedge Shaft is surely the only choice for you if you’re a low to mid handicapper that plays moderate to fast swing speed shots. 

These best shafts for wedges help you keep your ball flight lower and swing in control if you have trouble handling the ball with the wedge on the greens.

It also helps you improve your accuracy and control over the shots if you have high swing speeds. Although it has one drawback its paint can wash off and corrode easily.

The true temper graphite wedge shafts come in a liquid black finish that gives you the feel of premium and best wedge shafts holding in your hands.     

To achieve a medium trajectory and spin in the ball, the True Temper Dynamic Spinner golf shaft was specifically designed for moderate players. 

As a result of its low launch and exceptional spin, the shaft earns the top mark for the finest wedge shaft. This is due to its superior shot-stopping ability and low launch.

Although they are pricey per unit, they offer a durable build, superb feel, and consistent results at moderate swing speeds.

Designed with a higher kick point, True Temper’s stainless steel wedge produces a lower launch angle and a mid-level trajectory during swings, and its 128-gram weight improves control during swinging and improves the feel of your contact during contact.

The shaft length is set at 38 inches as standard, but you will likely have to decrease it by about 2 inches to ensure a comfortable fit. 

If you do not like the shaft feeling slightly stiff during some very short chips, you may want to try softer graphite shafts for wedges on your next purchase.

2. UST Mamiya Recoil Wedge Proto Shaft

ust mamiya recoil


  • Lightweight
  • Generates mid to high launch
  • Comes in Multiple Flexes
  • Provide stability in hands with a softer tip


  • Gives a Mid launch
  • Unsuitable for high swings
  • A bit pricey

Key Features

Recoil technology in these graphite wedge shafts delivers optimal energy transfer to impact at moderate swing speeds. It also preserves velocity and spin on wedge shots. 

As a result of the UST Mamiya Recoil, low to mid-handicap golfers can enjoy a premium feel that promotes consistency on all shots regardless of ability.

The premium feel of these steel wedge shafts, as well as their increased performance come at a premium price, more than double that of other steel wedge shafts. However, the longer life and improved durability make up for the price.

The 140-gram stiff flex recoil shaft contributes not only to the recoil’s performance but also to the shaft’s stability due to its low rotational force degree. 

By doing this, it makes it easier to keep your club head on the path through your swing and stabilize it at impact.

These golf wedge shafts also feature a mid-kick point, so that the average golfer can expect a medium-high launch and trajectory with this shaft.

3. Fujikura MCI Wedge 105 Best Graphite Wedge Shafts 

fujikura golf shaft


  • Available in two flexes
  • Mid Mild Launch 
  • Very versatile and durable
  • Gives extra forgiveness


  • Unsuitable for close-face swings
  • Feels a bit wobbly to hold.

Key Features

These graphite shafts for wedges are designed to give you a softer and more forgiving experience as compared to other shafts.

These graphite wedge shafts focus more on feeling and forgiveness in the shots.

The Fujikura MCI 105 when used makes your golf wedges with graphite shafts become the best of the best.

I’ve always found grips made from graphite to be more forgiving, lighter, and more forgiving than ones made from steel. This is certainly true of this Fujikura wedge, which impressed me. 

In terms of spin and control, the graphite wedge shafts also perform very well, especially because it lacks in these aspects sometimes when used with graphite shafts. 

It’s quite likely that many beginners and intermediates will have no problem using this shaft since it is made of graphite. This shaft tends to be a bit wobbly on full-speed shots, but high-swing-speed golfers may find it a bit wobbly as well.

4. Tour Shop Fresno KBS Custom Wedge Shaft

kbs tour shafts


  • Advanced step pattern
  • Taper tip with the firm tip section
  • Low spin performance
  • Excellent control in the air
  • Affordable Price point


  • Feels a bit stiff
  • It has a low-spin design
  • Unsuitable for slower swing speeds

Key Features

The KBS Tour 120 stiff wedge is designed for players with a high swing speed. It requires a low-launching shot with minimal spin assistance.

The low spin and launch profile of this design may cause swing speeds that are slow to moderate to struggle, so they may prefer a more flexible and weaker design.

The firmer the tip of the club is, the greater stability and comfort the golfer is likely to have while swinging the club. The contact spring is also reduced as a result of this action.

There is some limitation to this, but it still allows you to achieve the launch trajectory, revolutions per minute, and the launch height you desire.

Lower handicappers should appreciate this factor as it greatly enhances the feel and feedback of your short game, which, again contributes to the effectiveness of the game as it allows you to better judge the power needed to strike each wedge.

As well as providing a stiff flex, which is suitable for swing speeds of higher numbers, KBS has an extra-stiff 130-gram shaft construction for swing speeds that can reach the speed of light, as well as a 110-gram shaft with a regular flex for swing speeds that can reach the speed of moderate.

This golf shaft measures 37 inches in length and needs to be cut down by 1.5 to 2 inches if it is to function effectively.

Designed for high-swing speed and low handicappers, the KBS Wedge Tour 120 serves as the ideal wedge for the golfer who desires better feedback, low spin, and early launch.

The Tour Shop Fresno KBS Custom wedge shaft from KBS is the solution for those looking for a great deal on a premium KBS shaft which will give you more control when you are around the green.

Due to the stiff tip section, these golf wedge shafts are a fantastic choice for aggressive swingers as well as for those who prefer a slower swing.

You will have no problem getting the ball high up in the air with this KBS shaft as well it will certainly be a big help on approach shots when it comes to heightening your apex.


project x shafts


  • Comes in various flexes & weights
  • Stepless Design Technology
  • Seamless Alloy steel
  • Excellent distance  control


  • A bit heavy
  • Unsuitable for lower launch
  • Not great for lower handicappers

Key Features

Designed to deliver a low launch and low to medium spin, the True Temper Project X Rifle graphite Wedge Shafts deliver an exceptional wedge shaft at an affordable price. 

True Temper also designed a wedge-specific shaft to cater to players at a slower pace. Furthermore, it is available in four different flexes for most male golfers, including stiff, regular, and extra stiff. 

With a weight of 115 grams for the senior flex shaft and 130 grams for the extra-stiff shaft, the senior flex shaft is the lightest design in the line.

The True Temper Project X Wedge shaft only provides limited spin assistance, which some players welcome, and conversely, if you swing at lower swing speeds and are looking for consistent airtime, the lower launch could prove problematic.

Last but not least, the Project X Wedge shaft extends to 36.5 inches, which means that some adjustment would be required to achieve the length you desire.

With one of the crispest releases and a low launch, the True Temper Project X Rifle Wedge shaft is perfect for players with a moderate tempo.

This graphite wedge shaft by Project X is a high-performance graphite wedge shafts designed to provide a controlled, low flight preferred by the most skilled players.

 From a distance, it is likely to help you hold your line better than a graphite shaft, or even the majority of steel shafts on the market.

If you are looking for a shaft that will give you the penetrating ball flight and speed you need to set yourself up for a successful approach of 100+ yards, then these best wedge shafts golfwrx, will give you that great performance.

 These best wedge shafts offer extensive control and you will have to have a fast swing speed to unlock the true potential of these shafts.

To meet the needs of seniors and low handicappers who prioritize consistency and control over steel shafts, we recommend these shafts.

6. KBS New Tour Hi-Rev 2.0 Steel Shaft 

kbs tour lite shaft


  • Stiff Golf Club Flex
  • 355 Active tip section
  • Budget-friendly than graphite shafts
  • Improves lower launch


  • Unsuitable for distant approach shots
  • Bulky Design
  • Unsuitable for slower swing speeds

Key Features

There is one really interesting aspect of the Hi-Rev shaft: it immediately improves loft and spins as soon as it is installed.

 There is no doubt that this would be a fantastic option for you if you have had difficulty launching the ball high enough in the air with your wedges.

Because of the increased height of the apex as well as the spin rate of this wedge, it is an excellent choice for out-of-the best wedge shafts 2023 and scoring wedges. 

With your Hi-Rev shaft, you will be able to produce enough spin to keep the ball on fast greens, as well as enough launch to prevent rolling.

You will enjoy greater balance, as well as less spring at contact, which allows you to achieve your desired launch, trajectory, and revolutions per minute by using the balanced launch and more spring at contact. 

These golf wedge shafts enable you to achieve your desired launch, trajectory, and revolutions per minute by using the balanced launch.

7. Mitsubishi MMT Taper 85 Shafts

Mitsubishi shafts


  • Carbon Metal Technology
  • Thin flexible shafts
  • Mid to high launch
  • Excellent spin control & feel
  • Lightweight design optimal clubhead speed


  • A bit pricey
  • Unsuitable for mid-slow swings

Key Features

The light, highly responsive, and stable MMT Taper 55 is a suitable option for you if you’re a high handicapper looking for wedges with graphite shafts.

The mechanical construction of these graphite wedge shafts, known as Metal Mesh Technology (MMT), is made up of strands of 304 stainless steel that are bonded to create a material that is more stable and dense than traditional shaft construction.

 It also has a thinner shaft wall and is one of the best wedge shafts for spin. The result of this is that the spin revolutions are more consistent, and responsive, and flight is improved.

In a traditional swing setup, 59 grams is too light for the swing setup and leaves greenside shots higher than intended, but this could be suited to players with slower swing speeds or high handicaps who need an extra boost.

Taper 55 wedge shafts have a 36-inch circumference, with moderate torque levels that produce forward twists. This makes it easier for swingers who are slower to unload on the downswing because of the wedge shaft’s diameter.

In terms of launch, forgiveness, and consistency in the launch, the Mitsubishi MMT Taper 55 is one of the best wedge shafts designed for slower swing speeds played by high handicappers.

8. Aerotech Steel Fiber I110 Tapered Graphite Shaft 

steelfiber shafts


  • Great for slow swing speeds
  • Helps with distance
  • Lower torque provides better control


  • Flight is a little low
  • Not great for smooth swing tempos

Key Features

There is increased stiffness in the layers of this shaft as it gets closer to the surface. It is considered the best wedge shaft for low flight which consists of two layers, one of which is composed of graphite and the other of which is made up of steel strands. 

With this design, the ball has a much better ability to transfer energy from impact to impact, similar to the way a golf ball is designed.

As a result, you will be able to store all the valuable energy that you put into your swings – which makes it a great choice for players with slower swing speeds.

 There was a greater distance achieved with this shaft by the testers with slower swing speeds, and they also preferred the feel of these graphite shafts for wedges more than others.

They are made of a hybrid of steel and graphite, making them lightweight, comfortable, and powerful without sacrificing control.

9. Nippon N.S. Pro Modus Wedge Shafts

nippon shaft


  • Provide control on mid to lower launch
  • MHT technology with three weight options
  • Produce optimum spin and directional control
  • Precise customization of feel and performance in the scoring clubs


  • A bit pricey
  • Unsuitable for high handicappers

Key Features

If you are looking for a graphite shaft wedge shaft that is consistent and predictable spin rate-wise, then the Nippon N.S. Pro Modus Wedge Shafts are the best choice for you.

 To ensure an extremely consistent shot from this shaft, every section of the shaft has been precisely weighted.

The directional stability is also great so they are supremely workable in the hands of skilled players.

 Despite this, there is no doubt that this shaft is designed to provide more scoring performance for players with a mid-to-low handicap, and these are the best wedge shafts.

10. KBS TGI Tour 70 Shafts

kbs tgi shaft


  • Built for senior swing speeds
  • Gives mid to high launch
  • Lightweight regular flex
  • High Swing speeds


  • A bit more pricey than steel shafts
  • Unsuitable for mid to high-swing speeds

Key Features

A high spinning, the mid-to-high launching ball that is designed to help senior golfers achieve consistently great greenside revolutions and airtime in the greens, the KBS TGI Tour 70 is designed specifically for senior golfers.

 There is no doubt that the 70-gram mass of the club head is generating enough clubhead speed to ensure that spin and velocity are maintained, even at lower swing speeds, on short shots as a result of its easy handling at slower swing speeds.

However, despite being more expensive than a steel shaft, it is one one the best shafts for wedges in an affordable price that offers durability and responsiveness thanks to the graphite design.

Golfers who swing a six-iron at a speed of 65 to 70 mph are the best candidates for KBS wedge shafts. With a moderate swing speed, it provides a slight advantage over what I want in terms of spin and launch assistance, but a slower swing velocity will benefit me more.

Regular flex irons provide improved control and feel over senior flex irons due to the added stability they offer. It is also constructed with graphite to prevent vibrations from going up the shaft, which protects the palm of your hand.

Furthermore, the shaft is 41 inches long, which means you need to shave off at least 5 inches to prepare it for wedge play. For this reason, you will need to do some trimming to prepare it for wedge play. 

However, it will depend on what you and your club fitter determine to be the most appropriate setup for your game.

Conclusion: Best Wedge Shafts

In conclusion, finding golf wedge shafts can make a significant difference in your game. With the plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to decide on the best one. These wedge shafts mentioned above offer great value for their price and can help enhance your accuracy, control, and spin around the green. Ultimately, the best wedge shafts for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences, but we hope our list serves as a helpful guide in your search for the perfect wedge shaft.

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