Mizuno S18 Wedges Review In 2023

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Mizuno S18 Wedges Review In 2023

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Looking for the ultimate wedge to improve your golf game? Check out our Mizuno S18 Wedge Review! Discover the innovative design and technology that makes these wedges stand out from the competition.

The Mizuno S18 wedges are a high-performing club designed to improve your short game. They feature a wider sole and precise center of gravity for improved forgiveness and accuracy on approach shots. The enhanced grooves provide increased spin and stopping power on the golf course.

The Mizuno have been very well known for their irons for a very long time, but they have also started to introduce some excellent Mizuno wedge reviews over a few years. 

In the last few years, Mizuno wedges have advanced in technology, and each year they release a new range of wedges, such as the Mizuno S18 wedges, which belong to the second generation of wedges.

The most recent Mizuno S18 wedge specs are much improved from the previous Mizuno’s T7 wedges

As you can clearly see, the heads with a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing shape with stealth black IP that makes them look more sleek and elegant.

Mizuno S18 Wedge Specs

mizuno s18 wedge


  • Harmonic impact technology that delivers an ideal feel and feedback.
  • Milled narrow and wide deep grooves for stronger & higher lofts.
  • Enhanced CG positioning and dynamic wedge shaft.


  • The chrome finish gives an unwanted glare.
  • The look of the wedge may not appeal to everyone.

Key Features

  • The Mizuno S18 has improved technology and a unique back design for increased forgiveness and feel.
  •  It comes in two elegant color finishes, white satin, and metal gun finish.
  • The Mizuno wedge set comes in a variety of lofts and bounce options of around 29, a number big enough to satisfy you if you require more lofts in your wedges.
  • Mizuno wedges S18 are designed with a medium-round shape in order to provide the best short-game performance possible. 
  • To optimize the performance for the conditions, loft-specific sole grinds, profiles, and top lines are used, as well as groove depths, to maximize efficiency.

Mizuno S18 Wedge Review 2023

The Mizuno wedges S18 specs are no doubt one of the best Mizuno wedges when it comes to shaping, spinning, and scoring in shots with them.

The Mizuno S18 wedges lineup is fascinating, available in 29 different options (all Grain Flow Forged in Japan). 

Each degree of loft and bounce combination offered in the S18 is designed to specifically meet your requirements on the golf course for that club. 

wedge sole

A number of different loft-specific wedges are available from the S18, offering you a choice of a wide selection of wedges.

According to Mizuno wedges review they come in a great mixture of soft feel, control, and versatility for a large number of golfers out there.

Several options are available when it comes to sole grind, profiles, top lines of the clubface, and the in-depth grooves on the club face that differ from wedge to wedge.

The Mizuno S18 is available in a range of lofts and bounces, with lofts ranging from 46 degrees to 62 degrees.

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Known for their ability to manage and control the center of gravity of their wedges, Mizuno has designed and developed the best Mizuno wedges that are capable of providing you with the optimal ball flight and spin rate, so you can improve your short game as a whole.

Added heel and toe relief in the higher lofts improves the versatility, while the wide sole just adds a touch of forgiveness through impact.

Mizuno wedges for sale

The feel is mid-to-soft but noticeably solid and stable on full shots. Add in the 46-62˚ loft and bounce options, and the Mizuno S18 is as comprehensive as it is impressive in performance.

The Mizuno S18 wedge specs lack the urethane shredding grooves but still are a very powerful wedge to improve your performance.

The best Mizuno wedges feature a great range of different wedges, with each one having the sole and center of gravity optimized for playability.

Variety Of Lofts & Grooves

The new Mizuno S18 wedges have very much progressive grooves and lofts with a wide variety of highly specific designs. The Mizuno wedges come in lower and higher lofts.

In terms of lofts and bounces, the Mizuno S18 wedges are available in eight lofts from 46 degrees to 62 degrees, and the lofts and bounces of the Mizuno wedge S18 are designed in such a way that the heads can be bent to even lofts if that is what you prefer.

Lower lofts have less CG and narrower and deeper quad-cut grooves on full shots, whereas higher lofts have a bigger and shallower groove and high CG for more lofted and consistent levels of spin.

golf club grooves

There may not be a great marketing slogan for Mizuno’s grooves or an impressive name for the grooves, but what the company has created is a sequence of progressions that even the most skilled players can appreciate and understand.

There is a nice blend of sharp lines and soft grooves on the best Mizuno wedges, and they have a larger footprint than the T7 wedges, and it is especially noticeable along the top edge of the wedge.

As with all of the best Mizuno wedges, the S18 comes with some aesthetic variations, but what you get is the next generation of wedges from Mizuno.

With Mizuno wedges having lofts from 54 to 62 degrees, they have larger and narrower grooves on the wedge face that allows the dirt coming from the environment to be washed away quickly so that the wedge face makes better contact with the golf ball on contact.

The addition of loft-specific grooves and CG placement in the wedge is incredible, following the innovative design of Vokey wedges that first started to position CG based on the playability characteristics of each loft.  

golf club bounce

The center of gravity of the wedge will shift higher with an increase in the loft, which means that the center of gravity will be at a higher location when the loft is increased.

The purpose of this is to align the sweet spot with the traditional impact point of the best Mizuno wedges so that the ball will fly further and travel with more spin in order to hold the greens more effectively. This is accomplished by thickening the blade’s top. 

black golf clubs

By thickening the top line in the higher lofts, the weight has been shifted higher in the blade, helping to improve spin consistency when shots are hit higher in the face, which is what is common in higher lofted clubs.

 A high CG means more consistent performance for high-lofted wedges because the impact on the face is often higher.

The Mizuno S18 wedges utilize loft-optimized Quad Cut Grooves, which are a key feature of other Mizuno S18 wedge specs.

As part of Mizuno S18 wedge specs offering the T10, Quad Cut grooves ensure that clubs with strong lofts provide more spin on partial shots, while those with weaker lofts give the player more spin on full swings. 

toe of a golf club

The players who are more likely to benefit from higher bounce options are those who are more inclined to take a steep angle of attack and those who play in soft conditions during their game.

As a result, low bounce options are likely to be more beneficial to golfers who are playing in dry conditions with shallow angles of attack.

Feel & Playabillity

 If you hit pitch shots using the S18 Mizuno wedges, it seems pretty unique, comfortable, soft, and feel good. 

It also gives an excellent feel for the swings on the center of the wedge that one can expect from the best Mizuno wedges.

loft wedge

You know you have forged and best Mizuno wedges when you hit the middle of the face: it is comfortable, clean, and responsive when you hit the center of the face.

On well-struck chips and pitches, you will experience a high level of spin on well-struck shots. As time goes on, the spin level hasn’t really dropped off as it started.

The second bounce was very strong, even from bunkers, and the trajectory of the ball was consistent even on the full shots, which was impressive.

GC2 testing showed spin was around what we would expect from a new wedge, not exceptionally high, but more importantly, it was very consistent, even on slight mishits, which should make the behavior of the ball on the green when it lands easier to predict.


The Mizuno S18 wedge sepcs are built from the grain flow forged technology that infuses Boron into the steel to enhance the groove’s durability and strengthen the grooves while retaining the forged feel.

Finish & Looks

Looks and performance are both equally important in a wedge, and these are one of the best Mizuno wedges when it comes to the shape and control of the right high spin shots.

The Mizuno S18 wedges have a clean look despite not being a complete blade-type wedge. They come in different colors and loft options, from MP 18 pitching wedges to S18 sand wedges

58 degree wedge

The gunmetal finish is glare resistant, and it gives a shiny and excellent appearance in the dark. 

Although the white metal finish also creates no glare in the eyes and looks consistent throughout the set looks. You also have multiple grip choices for the best Mizuno S18 wedges.

They come in chrome and black IP finishes that can be used by golfers for a prolonged time period. The Black IP finish is designed to wear away gently over time to reveal the durable chrome beneath.

Despite the fact that the Mizuno S18 wedges are the same blue finish as those on the Mizuno T5 and S5 Wedges, the black looks just as sharp and make the wedges stand out even more.

There is a touch of a difference in size between the S18 and the S5, but the phone is still quite large in size with a teardrop shape similar to that of the Mizuno S5 wedge.

It has a generous sole in terms of width, and overall, it is a very beautiful Mizuno wedge with a high-class aesthetic. From certain angles, there is an unwanted glare that is caused by the chrome finish.

mizuno 60 degree wedge

 Mizuno S18 wedges have a squared-off leading edge, and at the toe, there is a round shape, while the face remains tall all the way up until the heel of the shoe. A white satin or gunmetal finish is available for Mizuno S18 wedges shoes.

The Mizuno S18 wedges have a different design with a narrower channel that is lower down on the back of the head compared to other previous Mizuno wedges like the S5.

As far as the address goes, it is positioned very well, and the heads are a little smaller than those on the previous S5 model. Accordingly, this may be a deterrent for some of the professionals who used the S5.

As of now, the Blue ION-plated finish was introduced with the S5 model as it has now been replaced by a new Gunmetal Black ION-plated finish in the lineup.

It is important to note that this finish has differentiating characteristics in the product category, but the wear characteristics are similar to those of the blue finish.

Due to the fact that the best Mizuno wedges currently only makes left-handed wedges in Satin finishes, left-handed wedge users may be unsatisfied with the Mizuno S18 wedge specs and product line.

Sole Grind Options

Each loft has a sole, CG, and head shape designed to best suit the purposes for which the club will be used, according to the loft.

low lofted golf club

Mizuno S18 wedges also have a little bit more of a heel-and-toe grind than the S5, which is more of a leading-edge linear grind, as opposed to the S5, which has a little more of a heel-and-toe grind.

Mizuno S18 wedge specs now feature sole grinds instead of sole grooves, and this is meant to make it easier for club makers to differentiate between different combinations of lofts and bounces.

In terms of sole relief, there are a variety of low, medium, and high bounce options in the amount of sole relief available.

There are a lot of benefits to Boron in a wedge when it comes to durability, and the Long-lasting grooves of the Mizuno S18 wedges mean you do not have to replace them on a regular basis.

mizuno wedge set

Ultimately, the best Mizuno S18 wedges offer a great combination of look, feel, and performance, providing a great choice of top-of-the-line wedges for mid-handicappers golfers who are looking for an affordable and reliable wedge by the experts, according to the Mizuno S18 wedge review.

FAQS: Mizuno S18 Wedge Review

  • Are Mizuno S18 Wedges Forgiving?

    Mizuno S18 wedges are designed with a high level of forgiveness in focus. They have a wide sole and center of gravity that is positioned to make it easier for golfers to hit accurate shots from a variety of lies and conditions.

  • When Did Mizuno S18 Come out?

    The Mizuno S18 wedges were first released in 2017. It was designed to replace the previous Mizuno S5 model and features improvements such as a more precise center of gravity, a wider sole, and enhanced grooves for increased spin and control.

  • Are Mizuno Clubs Made in China?

    While some Mizuno golf products may be manufactured in China, the majority of their clubs are made in their own factories in Japan. Mizuno prides itself on maintaining a high level of quality control by keeping the production process under its control.

Conclusion:  Mizuno S18 Wedge Review

The Mizuno S18 wedges are a game-changer for golfers looking for enhanced control and precision around the greens.

This wedge features a wider sole and precise center of gravity, making it more forgiving on off-center shots and allowing for greater accuracy on approach shots.

The enhanced grooves on the clubface increase spin and control, providing more stopping power on the greens. The durable boron steel construction and stunning blue finish give the club a sleek and professional appearance.

Overall, the Mizuno S18 wedge is a high-performing and visually appealing option for golfers looking to improve their short game.

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