Mizuno S5 Wedges Review 2023 – An Honest Guide

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Mizuno S5 Wedges Review 2023 – An Honest Guide

mizuno blue wedges

If you’re a serious golfer, you know the importance of having a reliable Mizuno wedge set in your bag. That’s where the Mizuno S5 wedges come in – they’re some of the best blue golf wedges on the market and for a good reason.

Customize your short game with Mizuno S5 wedges! Our review covers the loft-specific design, Quad Cut Grooves, and the range of options available to personalize your best Mizuno wedges to suit your game and style.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Mizuno S5 wedges and see what makes them such an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels.

mizuno s5 wedges


  • Comes in a Blue IP design.
  • Multiple Loft Options.
  • Improved trajectory and ball flight.
  • Superb distance control each and every shot.


  • Limited bounce options.
  • Weight is spread out more on the back.
  • Lower Lofted spins compared to others.

Key Features

  • Best Mizuno wedge set that low and mid handicappers are most comfortable with.
  • The selling point of these Mizuno S5 wedges is the blue finish. 
  • Mizuno offers the S5 in a satin finish as well.
  • Mizuno wedge sets have different sole grinds and lofts.
  • Mizuno S5 wedges feature quad-cut CNC milled grooves to vary in depth based on the loft.

Mizuno S5 Wedges Review

Construction & Design

The Mizuno blue wedges are made from 1025E pure select mild carbon steel with grain flow forged technology which gives it a larger deeper face than the Mp-T5 irons which provides you more leverage of not making a mistake on the golf course.

blue mizuno wedge

This time the S5 Blue has been presented to you with a larger profile out of the best Mizuno wedges. 

The S5 Blue has been produced from the same kind of steel that irons are produced from which enables it to firmly catch the ball excellently at address.

On the back of the wedge, a channel is featured on the blue Mizuno wedge that is shaped with a depression having six corners that were not present in the Mp-T5 Wedge. 


This shape of the wedge moves more weight lower in the head and in the perimeters to give this wedge extra stability and the Mizuno S5 wedges will feel more solid at impact which is the same as the Mizuno irons you’re using as the Mp-T5. 

The Mizuno S5 wedges club head is larger and rounder than the Mizuno MP-T5 wedge’s club head. As a result, the Mizuno S5 wedge is much more playable and forgiving than the MP-T5.

mizuno blue wedge

This, in turn, leads to a wider range of handicap brackets corresponding to Mizuno S5 wedge specs.

This larger and more stable head of the Mizuno wedges is ideal for full-swing shots on the greens. 

Grain Flow Forged

The Mizuno S5 Wedges are made with Grain Flow forgings, which provide an extremely soft feel and sharp grooves that give a well-balanced feel and give the player a real sense of control and bite from these Mizuno S5 wedges.

mizuno wedge set

The grain flow forging has been implemented throughout the entire club head as well as on the hosel to provide a platform that allows the player to maintain consistent distance control throughout the entire swing.

Finishes & Looks

It comes in two aesthetically appealing finishes one is Mizuno S5 blue ion wedge and the other is Mizuno white satin wedges.

The Mizuno S5 blue wedges have a flaw in that their blue finish wears off easily and reveals the silver steel finish easily, but it can benefit you by giving the look of a pro golfers wedge.

This blue pair of Mizuno wedges look amazing and creative without being too bold or weird. 

mizuno blue wedges

There is no doubt that you cannot hit good wedge shots with just the finish.

Therefore, pay close attention to the shape of the head, the grind of the sole, and the weighting of the wedges, and those are really the keys to making the Mizuno S5 wedges perform as expected.

Mizuno’s S5 wedges have a large cavity in the lower back section of the head that is notched in a way that allows you to feel a strong impact, but at the same time, it feels more like a small cavity with perimeter weighting so that you can feel the forgiveness.

Mizuno S5 wedges are also lightweight and easy to handle, which makes them a great tool for lifting the golf balls smoothly and easily from rough and greens for high launches and soft landings.

Grooves & Lofts

The Mizuno S5 wedges feature quad-cut grooves that are CNC milled and vary in depth depending on the lofts to generate the right levels of spins. 

The lower lofts have deeper and narrower grooves while the higher lofts have wider and shallower grooves.

Mizuno wedges have excellent grip, and when the correct connection is made at the address, they are able to achieve high levels of spin that were as good as any other wedge in the market today.

According to the Mizuno S5 wedge review, the club head of the wedge has also been sharply cut at the back directly behind the sweet spot, which can have a positive effect on the feel and feedback of wedge shots when struck straight in the direction of the groove.

mizuno 58 degree wedge

In every wedge, there are six lofts from 50 degrees to 60 degrees, and Mizuno can adjust the shaft to match any loft you want if you do not want the loft in between or the only Mizuno gap wedge. 

The Mizuno custom service can bend the shaft to fit, but if you pick a loft higher than 50 degrees, you will also experience less bounce and vice versa.

The higher lofted wedges produce a lot more spin and are easier to control the distance than the lower lofted wedges that don’t produce as much spin.

Mizuno wedges have played as though they are less bounce than the number on the sole indicates, but with the S5 blue, it is more apparent that the wedges are playing like they have more bounce than the number indicates.

Mizuno S5 wedges are, in general, the best wedges in the market, in particular their lower lofts, since their larger heads blend easily with most Mizuno forged cavity back irons so that you don’t have to switch between blades and cavity back wedges as frequently.

s5 blue

These Mizuno S5 wedges are available in 50 degrees of loft to fill the gap between a PW and the 54-degree wedge.

It is often the case that I use the 54-degree wedges as another gap wedge, usually around the 100-yard mark in the fairway or around 90 yards in the rough.

This is not only a great wedge to hit roll-out chips with accurate distances on the golf course, but it also holds the ball up quickly and is more roll-friendly than Mizuno 58 degree wedge, which has a tendency to have a little more spin.

The Mizuno S5 60 degree wedge can be used out of the green-side bunkers and also as a pitching wedge for chipping, and lob shots at any time.

As a result, this club is extremely versatile and can be used to hit flop shots over bunkers and to tight pin positions, and the Mizuno S5 56 wedge is also very user-friendly and digs into the sand nicely to help you make accurate bunker shots.

Excellent Grind Options

There are also different sole grinds available for each Mizuno wedge set based on the loft.

There are small heel and toe grind on the lower lofts and mid lofts, whereas there are larger C grinds on the higher lofts, so you are able to perform more maneuvers with the clubface on the lower lofts.

mizuno wedges

As with the MP-T5, the grind and sole width are the same as with the MP-T5. 

You are only given a single grind option per loft and you are forced to go with what you receive, being told that this is one of the best Mizuno wedges for only one bounce for the loft and grind given.

A C-grind is nice across a wide range of Mizuno wedges with minimal digging, the Mizuno S5 wedges pop the ball out nicely with only minimal heel/toe relief, allowing creative shots from various lies and cutting into the deep stuff.

Feel & Performance

Mizuno S5 wedges have a different feel from the MP-T5 since their stock shaft is the True Temper XP115, which is lighter than the Dynamic Gold in the MP-T5, but still works well with the S5 blue.

mizuno gap wedge

As far as performance around the green is concerned, the S5 achieves excellent results and the larger head gives it a more solid feel, however, we found that no blade had quite the sharpness as the MP-T5 blade, which is common on the golf course.

From the sands as well as the greens, the Mizuno S5 wedge and the smaller-bladed MP-T5 wedge are both great choices, so it will come down to what is right for you.

The feel and grip that the forged heads provide, as well as the more stable, dynamic head design on the back, make this wedge an extremely versatile wedge for players of all abilities, from professionals to the majority of high handicappers.

blue golf wedges

These fall into the same price bracket as compared to other best Mizuno wedges, at a reasonable cost, but to be brutally honest unless you are a fan of blue golf wedges then it may be worth leaning towards one of the other best sand wedges for beginners.

Conclusion: Mizuno S5 Wedge Review

Mizuno S5 wedges can be a top choice for you if you’re a fan of Mizuno blue wedges. Discover the sleek design, innovative technology, and impressive performance of these Mizuno S5 wedges by having them in your golf bags.

There is no doubt that Mizuno enthusiasts are very pleased with the Mizuno S5 wedges. 

A classic Mizuno wedge that is a perfect blend of a classic, soft feel with a decent look as other blue golf wedges with a solid performance for the average golfer.

So why not give them a try and see for yourself? It’s unlikely anyone will regret putting the S5 Mizuno wedge in the bag.

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