Mizuno ES21 Wedge Review 2023

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Mizuno ES21 Wedge Review 2023

mizuno es21 wedge review

The Mizuno ES21 may be the wedge you’re searching for, to look different and elite among your golf squad. This is the new edition after the Mizuno E20 wedge with an improved feel and spin for the golfers to level up their game.

If you’re an average player at golf then you should not miss out on the Mizuno ES21 wedge, to become more than something just average and be extraordinary. The Mizuno ES21 is all the way designed for golfers to manipulate the face and facilitate you hit difficult shots with the large triangular metallic head of the wedge.

After years of research, the Mizuno has come up with the ES21 wedge, which is the only wedge having a centered center of gravity with a hollow body cavity out of all the best Mizuno wedges range.

The new ES21 tour wedge is changed very well from the previous ones with improved grooves, wider soles, and the leading edges a bit straight. This wedge is an all in all complete performance-packed and stunning-looking club.

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That meant wedge sweet spots have stayed on the heel side of the center, hit the center and the head wants to open, zapping feel and leading to spin inconsistency, which obviously affects stopping power and predictability.



  • Aesthetically Appealing.
  • Elite Design.
  • Ultimate forgiveness & Playbillity.


  • Bit Pricey.
  • Limited Lofts & Bounce.

Key Features

  • Mizuno says the ES21 is designed to give better players an increased feel and extra spin consistency.
  • With an expensive price, it is only available in 54-60 degrees of sand wedge loft.
  • Similar to an iron pitching wedge with a customized and forgiving look.
  • At the address, it features a big, triangular profile and metal behind the ball, so it can be manipulated in different ways.

Looks & Design

According to the Mizuno ES21 wedge review, one thing the Mizuno will never disappoint you with is the high levels of ultimate forgiveness.

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 The other is the wedge design, although you may need to compromise on details such as ball launch speed and angle.

The busy look and feel of the ES21 are simply exceptional and clean which tells why this wedge is a bit more costly than others. 

The level of branding of the Mizuno wedges in ES21 with their symbol and the placement of the center of gravity mark at the center is just beyond one can imagine.

It has a high toe and low heel, making this wedge very bulky at the address with a leading edge having a more visible curve on the front face.  

It is a well-known fact that Mizuno makes pretty irons, and with this wedge, they have certainly maintained that reputation.

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Feel & Sound

It is unique to experience the impact sound at the address of a urethane finishing of the wedge that covers the golf ball. This sound is a mix of fast-paced, calm, and pitch-perfect sounds that one cannot normally hear.

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As far as the feel is concerned, it does not strongly lean one way or another. It is not either rigid or flexible, nor does it feel as though the ball is staying on the face for too long.

Mizuno’s claim on “nothing feels like Mizuno” can be true but the premium and elite feel you are promised to get after buying the ES21 is somewhere missing for some golfers out there.

Although it’s quite fair at this price and still feels better than the previous Mizuno ES21 wedges.

mizuno es21

You can get a good sense of how the strike is going by feeling the hands as well as hearing the sound of impact change quite a bit as you move around the face.


Mizuno claims that the ES21 is neither an improved cavity back wedge nor a copy of the High Toe wedge. Rather, it gives you a competitive edge and the confidence to take on tough players differently.

It is the number of better players who convert to the ES21 that will determine the success of this club and not the number of game improvers who use them to improve their games.

Centered Centre Of Gravity

The Mizuno ES21 wedge is hollow from the inside, allowing it to control the CG more deeply which results in greater spin and stability.

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By Mizuno ES21 Wedge Reviews, the ES21 is the first hollow body wedge out of the most popular Mizuno wedges with a centered center of gravity in the game. 

In spite of the body being cast from 431 stainless steel, golfers get the familiar Grain Flow look and feel. 

The technology of this wedge is similar to modern-day irons. One exceptional thing about the Mizuno ES21 wedge review is the sweet spot in the central part of the face

There is a tighter spin differential and a better feeling due to the centered CG head of the club, which deflects less at impact.

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Due to its precise weighting, the head of the wedge is able to balance on the tea peg placed behind the center of the face, a feature other wedges do not provide.

The ES21’s center of gravity can be expected to be in line with the impact when you aim to hit a wedge from the center. This will enhance the feel and consistency of the shot when you are hitting a wedge from the center. 

Two Sole Options

wedge sole
wedge grind sole

The original version of the Mizuno ES21 wedge was just a wedge with a wide sole; however, as Mizuno realized it can improve spin consistency for better players in the future, the model was transformed into both a standard and a wide sole.

Grooves & Lofts

When it comes to humid conditions, the Mizuno wedges set, with its Hydro Flow micro-grooves on the face of the wedges, is crucial since the technology improves backspin consistency by 40% compared to models without the technology.

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Hollow construction also provides more stability when you open the face to hit high-lofted parachute-style escapes and jumps that require extra stability.

The spin of the Mizuno ES21 wedge set can disappoint you. The spins are consistent but at lower or normal RPMs. 

The Mizuno ES21 wedge set offers many lofts and sand wedge bounce options with two sole grind options, standard and wide sole. Despite the variety of soles available, it can still be difficult for players to deal with. 

These can only help if you use this wedge in soft course conditions.

Conclusion: Mizuno ES21 Wedge Specs

The Mizuno ES21 wedge is a game-lifter for average golfers. The club’s unique design and technology make it easy to hit high and soft shots, even from difficult lies in moist conditions. 

The ES21 features a wide, triangular uplifted sole and grooves that provide maximum spin and control.

With the Mizuno ES21 wedge, you can confidently attack any pin and Mizuno es wedges are a must-have for any serious golfer looking for elite design and high forgiveness.

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